Tankies in BAOR 1968



Quote (about 9 mins in) - "A Schutzenfest...a small town jamboree...with sausages!" Yep, get your average Tom full of sausages and he's a right punchy bastard! I was off my tits after two currywursts.

Brilliant film.
Excellent! not sure about the 17/21L being "Tankies" Though. If you watch it all I think you will agree that there should be a BAOR medal. - only joking
Many thanks indeed for the link. Much appreciated.

Very well filmed I thought. A lovely scene of an Infantry Attack which cuts away just as some poor unfortunate sinks up to his armpits in water! Difficult to get your head around the fact that all those young faces are now old men past retirement age. I'm not far off it myself and was in my fourth year at Windsor Boys School Hamm when that was filmed!
Cracking film, thanks for the link. Wonder how pissed off the bandsmen were when some bright spark from the BBC suggested doing a shot on the grass with a piano!!


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It's amazing how many Troopers and JNCOS in that film ended up majors and LtCols, a couple of the 2nd Lts are now Maj Gens (retd) christ every one looks so f~cking young
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