Discussion in 'RAC' started by Arthur3bums, Jun 2, 2009.

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  1. Right, It's confirmed, I'm booked into Tankfest with my little stall...........inside the Museum both Saturday and Sunday. I'm currently having all my originals board mounted ready for people to frame 'off the shelves' themselves and they'll be cheaper than on my site as no postage etc. I will have very very few prints on sale...................to order yes but on sale no, I can't afford to print off what the supplier wants of each print.
    T Shirts yes albeit in mainly limited numbers (loads of Armoured Farmers XL and XXL), book...signing.... yes, 3 new car stickers 2 for RTR (1 'The original Heavy Metal band' and 1 'Tankies do it on tracks') and 1 'Heavy Armoured rules - Sucking on diesel').
    Both JLR and 3RTR Embroidered Polo shirts available to order only.
    So fellas, if you're going.............make sure you pop by and say hello ...............and bring your cheque books or cash!!!! :D 8) 8O
  2. 3 RTR -XL, XXL, yep that sounds about right.
  3. Hmmmmmmm..........typical but, actually I've got those left as they are the two sizes which sold the least mate!!!!!!!
  4. got my tickets! The wife drags me there every year :)

    Fingers crossed for good weather.
  5. Other commitments have got in the way, so, yet again, I won't be able to get there (or, at least, not to get my money's worth). :(
  6. Bugger, wish I'd picked up on this thread before going, I'd have popped in to say hello. (Already got your book)

    The little'un seemed to enjoy it although think he was a bit "tanked out" by 15:00!
  7. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    I wanted food. I stopped at a burger van and commented that I didn't see Egg Banjo on the menu.

    "Egg Banjo? What that?"

    I explained, and added, look it up. Then I explained the name, which had the whole queue behind me laughing. Then a tank fired off a round and without breaking my train of thought, shouted "DROP 200!" and carried on.

    I found a stall selling lapel badges. Very nice 15/19H badge for three of your English Pounds. (Later went into the museum shop and saw the same badge at £3.99. Result)

    Next stall along I found a genuine Staybrite 15/19H cap badge. Give the guy his due he was quite knowledgeable about any badge anyone asked him about. ("Yes there is a Green Howards badge in there somewhere sonny to go in your GreenHowards beret" ... fishes in pile for a second. "There it is.")

    I put him right on the king's / queen's crown on the 15/19H badge and the date when JC decreed we'd wear brass with king's crown and stuff what anybody else says.

    He offered me a set of collar dogs and shoulder title. It was starting to get a bit silly, but it was nice to know there were people still thought these things worth offering. (PRI had a stall. The gadgy copped the accent and A3B's Recce shirt and concluded LD. Close but no coconut. He reckons officialdom banned the sale of antecedent regiment insignia immediately the amalgamations were complete. Apart from antecedent regimental associations obviously.)

    There was a surprisingly short queue to have a look inside Tiger 101 but I got bored, did a 360 and came back, to find they had stopped taking visitors while they prepped it for its next run out.

    Good day, pointed a number of people in the direction of A3B's stand, decided to leave while I was ahead, at which point God turned on the Regimental Rain Cloud.
  8. Fantastic day on Saturday!! I can thoroughly recommend it to all. A tad on the expensive side but a good day's entertainment. Loved the Tiger and A7V...


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    Vestigia Nulla Retrorsum
  9. it was very expensive, £16m for an oversize Tesco building? however the displays in side were very good
  10. Is anyone on here a 'Friend of the Tank Museum'? If so what is the score?...


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  11. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

  12. I would just like to say thanks to all of you who popped to my stall and said hello!! AlienFTM mate, great to see ya only sorry I left my razor blades and bacon rolls at the B&B!!!! Great to also see so many old chums from all over the RAC...............I think it's really important to remember that, no matter how strongly faithful we are to our individual units, through training and courses, we met and made mates with loads of our colleagues from other Regiments........the RAC is indeed a very large family!!!
    My biggest concern was that for every 3 guys that approached my stall, two wanted artwork of Tiger tanks, Panther and in fact anything wearing the German cross - I even mentioned that 'We won the war!!' to no effect!!!! In fact, the German re-enactors looked positively thug like, to an alarming degree!!!!!
    Therefore, my 'modus operandi' has changed thus:
    1. My prints will all be a smaller (A4) size complete with a board mount.
    2. Much more International (especially WW2 German) armour as it is SO popular (so keep your eyes on my website over the coming weeks/months).
    3. A greater variety of 'objects d'art' will be available particularly at shows.
    4. And possibly the most importantly, the products will be more cost friendly (except personal commissions which are staying at A3 or larger and are already too cheap!).
    Once again, thanks very much indeed to all of you that popped by even if only to say hello!! Fantastic event....my good lady has long wondered............"What is this tank thing you have??!" A rumbling and roaring as the CR2 hit the arena brought a hushed "Chroist.............I see the magic now!!!!" from her lips!!
  13. Thanks for that...

  14. Arthur,
    Went on the Saturday & was v.impressed by what they've done to the Museum (I last visited in 2000). Thought it well worth the entrance money, because I got to see Tiger 131 fire up & run round & it was worth it for that alone. We stood about 7ft behind it when the engine fired up & when Mrs B_D_S felt its hot breath on her face, even she was duly impressed. She understands the tank thing now!
    Also impressive was the display by the 3 Leopards, I'd never seen them run before & didn't realise they were so agile, even with the applique armour.
    Saw your stall & loved your work, did consider buying your Wittmann picture but Mrs B_D_S said "you've got loads of tank pictures already & we don't have enough walls for them!". Perhaps you might consider doing a smaller version?
    I'm definitely considering becoming a Friend of the Tank Museum. If you bought your Tankfest ticket in advance, they sent you a Gift Aid form so they could write off the cost against tax & if you go back in the next year you're guaranteed free admission on production of this form. As I now live not too far from Bovvy, repeat visits will be a definite must & then I'll apply for Friends membership. Roll on Tankfest 2010!