Tanker explosion, coast of Yemen WHAT HAPPENED


Apprently the tanker that just exploded off the coast of yemen was to do with al queda, Now i can´t believe that for a second i believe it was done by a bunch of squaddies that had taken out a time share holiday in the region of yemen decided to go scuba diving but through there drunkeness they did´nt see the froggy F""k tanker and just happened to ram it causing there oxygen tanks and high pressure beer kegs to explode ripping the tanker open, luckily the boys are alright apart from being kept company with a load of french sailors who apparently keep saying to the boys ´You´ve got something on your shoe´ so when the boys look they hear a cry of `HELLO SAILOR´ from the raving french seamen.
or thats my version of events anyway.


Don't believe what you read.  

That French ship was carrying all the SA80 A2's back from the Oman trial.  It appears that while they will fire in hot sandy conditions without stopping, the stoppage is merely postponed.

All the A2's blew up at the same time.  And they couldn't have picked a nicer nation's ship to do it on.


Perhaps this happened..........

The CIA organised the explosion and made it look like a terrorist attack in order to drag the French into the US coalition against Iraq.

Or maybe it was just a freak accident which caused penetration of the double hull, peircing both walls and penitrating 7 to 8 meters into the cargo hold which was full of heavy crude oil.

God Bless America ;)

The force is strong in this one, your insight serves you well.  
Now all we ned is an A-Q germ attack on the Moscow underground and some crazy shit in Beijing, hey presto, instant coalition!

Or is that just the cynic in me?
The thought did strike me....

Why create more enemies, when all your resources are tied up fighting the Great Satan .

I t just didn't make sense... but it does now

Oh well, off to re-assimilation training.
You should read some of the old conspiracy theory websites - (ok, the sky dish was broken over the weekend so I haven't had a lot to do.......)  Most of it is bollocks, but there is some pretty funny alternative views on recent events!  :eek:


Spanner Old Chum

Give us some leads on the conspiracy theory sites. I've seen www.the smokinggun.com (i think) what else is out there?

Of course, very smart move by Al Qaeda: attack the French, get most of Western Europe on your side. Does make it tricky doesn't it?



Continuing the conspiracy theory:

So now the good old USA are investigating the explosion abord the Limburg.

Deeply suspicious.

The exact cause is yet to be determined, but no one has yet come up with a credible explanation of how a part-laden modern super tanker can be holed at the water line by an internal explosion.
Allow me.......

It's called a Limpet Mine

Ay thenk you.......
Captain Cash....

I don't want to get carried away on this conspiracy thing, but......

The French don't have any investigation teams capable of this sort of investigation?

They certainly have very capable UDT frogmen (Rainbow Warrior)

Hmmmmmmm for investigating read policing.....

Yep...Conspiracy theories are more fun  ;D

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