Tanker Driver Wanted

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by crafty, Oct 18, 2011.

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  1. I am looking to filla position for a Fuel Tanker Driver in the Yorkshire area. Doncaster/ Hull / Grimsby / Immingham.
    You will need a class 1 HGV and ADR class 3 in Tanks. You do not need experience as Full Training will be given.
    The opertunity to earn is here and this is a Very rare opperetunity to get into this type of Work.
    I will not advertise this job until I feel that You lot on Arrse have had first dibbs on it.

    Please Pm with a contact number as soon as poss and I will make contact with you.
    This possition is for an imidiate start.
  2. How much does it pay?
  3. Shame its not in my area (North wales coast) as I fit your criteria.
  4. Damn, i thought it said tank driver, i must read the thread titles more closely before diving in!
  5. The Pay is competative for this industry. If you are interested send me a message with your number and we can have a chat.
  6. If you let me have contact details I will contact you IF and When I get something in the North west. (Stanlow) Area
  7. I can now extend this position to the South West / South Wales
  8. hi m8 you looking for tanker drivers in essex I have 5 years experience of pump and forecourt deliverys working on a contract for tescos at min out of purfleet but looking for full time job now.
  9. Hey crafty r u still looking for a class 1 tanker driver with ADR all categories living in the Doncaster Mansfield area?
  10. Could you call me regards job please...:soldier:

  11. Is this job still available, if not are there any more coming up in the near future?
  12. Is grammar not a prerequisite then?