Tanker attacks Gulf of Oman

Your mistake is that you see the world only in base 10.
Based on? If I thought that, I would say Iran did it. But clearly I haven’t, so your supposition is wrong.
Then I doubt your claim to know how INTREPs are source graded.
That clearly depends on my meaning of ‘higher’ doesn’t it?
This confirms it......I wasn't referring to the word "higher".
If you say so. I’m more than happy to confirm the Int I’ve read to someone who knows what systems I’ve used.
Unnecessary, I take you at your word. Besides, I'm decades out of date, things may have changed.
C3 last time I looked was ‘not reliable’ and ‘known indirectly to the source’. I’d put it at B1 personally. Until proven otherwise.
You could well be right, I don't know.
Nor do I, else I would have been categorical, but it seems unlikely that anyone at his level of responsibility and experience would be unable to evaluate a new assessment based on what they previously knew. It was a just a propaganda presentation necessary to achieve the required outcome, that's all.


They were dealt with, and the Saudis manage to clean house in ways we can’t. But if that is the route why forgive the Japanese, Germans, Chinese and Vietnamese?
I'm wondering why the US would need to forgive the Vietnamese?.
Details, for most of us it is 79 when the grudge started.
From your side perhaps.
US & UK meddling & even occupation in Iran went back to 1941, including deposing what was a reformist Shah & replacing him with a repressive nut job.

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