Tank Transporters

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Keebab_Compass, Jun 21, 2006.

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  1. There are rumours flying about in my Brigade that the Tank Transporter trade is soon to be a thing of the past.

    They are thinking of opening it up to all Drivers and making it all but a Fam course and a three year posting.This they are hoping will help retention and the slow promotion within the trade.

    The only problem that faces the rest of normal Transport units is that they will get ex Tank Transporters posted in who instead of going on detail will want to go on a Drag..?, can open beer bottles for a driver if they're a passenger and argue the case on how better a Scammell was compared to an Osh-Kosh.
  2. tell me more please.
  3. They all use blue pens
  4. i like black pens best
  5. Hmmm. Seeing as tank transporting had a trade structure, and you can't just get in and drive (as some would suggest) I would be tempted to say this was rubbish. Yes tank transporting has p**s poor promtion, and this was one of the reasons I left (14 years to Cpl anyone?). However alot of work is done recovering AFV's and other tasks not associated to driver trade training that it would mean a skills drain in the long run. The intial course (the A3) is a month long, so it's not exactly a FAM, in fact, most of the training is in recovery techniques and being up to your arms in mud, and not driving related. THe vehicle is simply to big and complex to just 'fam' it. You relly do have to do a long course. Unless of course the fact that they are now privately owned has removed the need for soldiers training in repairs and serviceing on them?
  6. Also, what about the soldiers who are suddenly dumped out at the 15 year point who had suffered damaged careers simply as a result of their trade? Opps sorry fella, I know you were expecting promotion, but you are now 10 years behind the curve, so tough?
  7. It would also take a lot longer than a 'vehicle familiarisation' for anyone to grow the huge tank transporter waistline. It is quite clear that this is an essential part of the trade.
  8. nice reply :D
  9. KC is just angling for a bite as he is pissed off as he's just looked round and found out 63 is full of "hats" so he thought he'd try and piss someone else off.
  10. cheers,
    rock you have me sussed and the TT's are a great target!!
  11. You get a larger pant size due to spending up to 20 hours a day behind the wheel, even in peacetime UK driving. That bit I do NOT miss.
  12. every time i see a HET these days its on its side or being driven by civies!!!
  13. Well said Speedy, I ran the Driver Trainig wing at Senne and yes, you are right, promotion was naff, There were 20 instructors in the Wing and a regulay moan was, even with a good confidential, it was dead mens shoes promotion! If someone left to go to non A trade then there was always a scramble for the post. We had Mighty Antar and Scammell Crusader in those days with 50 ton and 60 ton trailers, when loaded 100 ton plus. Not the job for the untrained and unwary. :D
  14. That must be the display team :wink:
  15. That was my main reason for leaving the trade when I got the chance. Breaking the cycle of 3 Sqn, Bulford and 16 Sqn, opened my options to included Berlin and Cyprus. But that was 15 years ago.

    Speedy (PM me if you dont know who I am)