Tank Transporters and Convoy Discipline

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Abandon_Ship!, Sep 9, 2008.

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  1. Driving down the M40 yesterday around lunchtime - traffic slowed down and lots of amber flashing lights visible in the distance between J10 to 9 Southbound. Cause was a convoy of Tank Transporters with very little gap between each (ranging from 30 to 75 metres).

    I recall from my Driver Training in the trusty Bedford RL that convoy distance discipline was 100m on normal roads and 200m on Dual Carriagways and Motorways during lighting-up times, reduced by 50% during the hours of darkness.

    Question: have these disciplines been binned or was said convoy being driven by an ill-disciplined and badly led team of Drivers?
  2. Followed one up the A303 the other morning, good gaps and one dropped back about 300m when I indicated to pull in front of him. I see these regularily and have little issue with the drivers, just the ********** who task them down commuter routes during rush hour, the M25 on a Friday evening is one particular favorite!
  3. Chances are if they were on civvy plates it was FASTTRAX. They are the small trucking firm (backed by KBR) based in Bulford just outside 19 Sqn. who supply the trucks and most of the manpower (in peace and war) under a PFI.

    They do things "the Civvy Way".

    More details here. CLICKY

    BTW..their OPs Director is an ex LAND Master Driver so it must all be correct and above board :wink:
  4. Usually 100m on autobahns and 'closed up' when transitting urban areas (gets us through, whilst minimising fuss)

    FTX...haven't a clue what they get up to. Law unto themselves.
  5. M40 yesterday sounds like 19 Sqn on exercise. Yes they still have the air of superiority because they drive big trucks.
  6. Of course! 8)
  7. Er Why? :roll:
  8. Because that's just the way it is!

    Do you only have a small truck? :twisted:
  9. My trucks bigger than your truck!
    Oh dear oh dear life must be a "drag" now that civvies seem to do most of your work! :lol:
  10. Do they (transporters) still switch drivers without pulling over as was common with MSO in Germany in '60s?
  11. Used to to do that in knockers in the 80's too :wink:
  12. Switching drivers i've seen in most HGV's, Drops etc but i'm led to believe that in Knockers/Millies you could walk around the outside of the cab door to door via the bumper whilst driving.
    Always thought this was a bit strange but our crusty old RCT boys here said it was a bit of a man test. Urban myth? :?:
  13. No urban myth. The old RCT boys really were crusty! :eek:
  14. True - I've seen guys 'pulling' a Knocker up a South German hill with nobody in the cab...............
  15. Sadly 'civvies' do none of my work. I wish they would.