Tank telephones.

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by mushroom, Apr 23, 2012.

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  1. A chap on another site has said that allied tanks in Normandy in 1944 did not have telephones on the back to aid infantry/armour cooperation.

    Can some of the experts here confirm or deny this.

    Ta Mushers
  2. No idea old chap, although I've heard that they did....
  3. I thought you were there Mushroom...
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  4. cheiftain had them, our Cent ARV didn't and thats as far back as my own knowedge goes, I'm afraid
  5. I have seen such phones on Shermans, There would be no reason why they would not have been fitted on those supplied to the British.
    As shermans made up the equipment of several divisions within 21st Army Group ( I think only the 7th Armoured Divison in Normandy had no Sherman element), it would be logical to say that there they were at least not unknown in British service.
    As to UK made Cruisers and Infantry Tanks I have no idea.
    No doubt Benghazi Bandit would be able to say from first hand memory.
  6. I seem to recall a Normandy Veteran describing their use but I'm not sure at what stage of the invasion. Maybe they were removed on the Duplex Drive as I would imagine they would be hard to get access to? They were fitted above the right hand rear trackguard so the man on the ground could look forward but still have some cover.

    Found a picture but not sure what mark of Sherman its fitted on. I also thought that the Tank Telephone box was mounted horizontally as opposed to vertically as in this case?


  7. Try PMing the user Swordman, he went ashore on D day with the engineers so may have first hand knowledge.
  8. Purely for added interest,our Cents had them,early 60's,call button inside box on right,when pressed,commander switched to i/c and could speak to whoever was there.
  9. Some (6-6-1944) Shermans 4 had them and some did not.

    Units which had a higher (or) better armour/pbi cohesion, did very well.

    3 (UK) Div did very well.
    1 (US) Div didn't.
  10. Thanks guys.

    Legs you're not too big to go over my knee young lady. Cheeky mare!
  11. Havent seen him post for a bit has the haunted tank got him?

    IIRC the yanks didnt have the telephone for some reason
  12. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    we had one on the back of our cent. But we never had a call in four years .
  13. Tanks might have had tank telephones, but were they any use? Are there any accounts from ww2 when tank telephones were used effectively?
  14. Not sure about Normandy, they were used going through German cities for effective strongpoint demolition.
    USMC used them on Cape gloucester
  15. Bollocks Bern, i used to call you regularly from my Cent bridgelayer, but you never used to answer.