Tank Soldier Song

Discussion in 'RAC' started by StumpyHussar, Sep 16, 2007.

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  1. When I joined in the 70's we used to have a Sqn smoker every night (a p1ss up round a troop fire to those who are un-aware). We used to sing a song which was claimed to have been made by RH members but someone might know best.

    Sung to the tune of The Wild Rover

    Initial verse:

    I've been a Tank Soldier for many a year
    I've spent all my money on whiskey and beer

    And its no, nay never
    No ney never no never no more,
    Will I be a Tank Soldier,
    No never no more.

    Only verse I can remember:

    They say it's the greatest the L60 pack
    It's all very well but it don't turn the track
    You fill it with oil and coolant and kit
    But it blows it all out in a great cloud of sh1t.

    Anyone else know the rest?
  2. Never heard that one before but if you like some good songs, see this link and select tankie songs - it's a book of songs and rhymes that I, with assistance from other ex-tankies, put together last year.
  3. Nice songs Dave,but what about that Tankie classic sung to the tune of `Ghost riders in the sky´ -The Tankie With a Track-Pin on his Hip......can´t remember the words any more!? :oops:
  4. Don't know either of those, I think our most sung favourite was ....
    "I'll tell you a tale of Benghazi,
    Where most of the fighting was done,
    T'was there that a poor British Trooper,
    Was shot by an old 'Itie' gun."
    "Bury me out in the Desert etc!"
    closely followed by....
    "When I get back to Blighty,
    I hope it won't be long,
    I'm going to sort the Bas**** out,
    Who wrote the 'Desert Song'.

    We'll send him back to Libya,
    And stand him in a ring,
    And all the lads around him shout,
    "Sing up you Bas****, Sing".
  5. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    One we used to sing at a Jirga was:

    We are the galloping 5 and 9s.
    We are the galloping 5 and 9s.
    Every man in the squadron is willing to do or di-i-ie.
    We are the galloping 5 and 9s
    And we're next to the navy on the sea.
    If it wasn't for the galloping 5 and 9s, boy.
    Where the feck would the Army be?

    Miles behind the line SHOVELLING SHIT
    Miles behind the line SHOVELLING SHIT

    If it wasn't for the galloping 5 and 9s, boy.
    Where the feck would the Army be?

    I haven't a clue if the tune is based on anything anyone might recognise. It's best described by saying the first line is not dissimilar from the first line of the original Grandstand theme music from the late 50s / early 60s.