Tank Sim

Just another plug of an awesome sim.

Promo video not for the actual game but of one of the virtual units (VU) of the online comminity.
Of note are the video shots taken during the tank and ATGM engagement sequences.


I do not belong to this VU nor do I work for e-sim however it is as close as I will ever get to be back on top of a tank.
Maybe it will interest some.

Irish Hussar
Yeh the video quality is "dumbed down" a fair bit so it fits on you tube however in game it is much better. For voip (Voice over IP) the community uses Teamspeak which enables you to set up i/c and multi net channels so it can be quite realistic at times.

Irish Hussar
There is no doubt that the game's graphics are not up to par, but as long as no military customer has asked for an upgrade, it's a low priority.

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