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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Ronin(GE), Mar 18, 2011.

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  1. Greetings,

    As a long time SB-player I'm totaly biased I admit.
    But recent news might be interesting for the tankers in this forum too:

    There will be a playable Chally 2 in SBproPE...you guess as good as mine, but probably somewhen this autum.

    challenger 2 - STEELBEASTS.COM FORUM

    Here is link to the current discussion and news about it.
  2. some pictures from the "F8-view".
    In the current version the CR2 is not "playable"...hopefully in the next update "sights and triggers". Currently there's some effort to create the propper sound files for the engagement procedures...as "sabot up" ain't correct for a UK-tank I was told ^~

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  3. I may have signed up for that.
  4. will that run on Windows 7?
  5. I hesitate to generalize...but it runs on my maschine(had it on my win2000 and win7 PC).
  6. Thanks. If I were to want to play it at home for fun, what version would I need?
  7. For home use you'd use SBproPE, SBpro is only sold to military customers...Still, its not cheap: 125$ = 80 pound(??), E-sim does not tell us how much the pro version is ;-)
    But you need to be aware that there is a step learning curve. Having formal training or military experience helps here, as you allready know the basics and tactics.
  8. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    With the recent CR2 upgrades in VBS2, to support actual gunnery training for tankies, Steel Beasts are following suit. They need to make sure they're still a contender in the "gaming for simulation" domain where AFVs are involved. I've got a sneaky suspicion the sound pack that was generated for CR2 in VBS2 is also the one that will be licensed to SB. It's the same sound pack you'll hear in Project Reality, and Chally in that game sounds IMMENSE - engine noises, weapon firing, the lot. Especially when it's through a Dolby 5.1 system. Mind you, I was there they day they did the recordings and it sounded even better live :D
  9. Given that VBS2 still has its limitations for the actual gunners training (just speaking for the Leopard models... my p.o.v. is they still suck there)...the experience gained from making a CR2 trainer may realy help Bohemia in the AFV compartment. Might be interesting what of it will trickle down to future ARMA realeases(where AFV are still more "dumbed down" then in VBS2)
    What makes VBS2 realy great is the multi-party abilities...having Civies and "unknown" forces in your AOR realy helps the atmosphere and is more in line wiht the missions we need to train for. Right now Steelbeasts still lacks that.

    And I still miss my old baby: Marder 1A5, but I substitute it with the M2A2 Bradley for now ;-)
  10. Some pictures that show the strenght of the sim.

    It was a forced crossing operation, I acted as Company CO for a tank COY +/- (Leo2A5)tasked with covering the right flank and provide overwatch for the crossing of left neigbour
    (US tank company with M1A1 (HA) )
    We had 16 players (8 per COY) so at least all plt leaders and dpt plt leader where human controlled...enemy was AI.

    1.:My alpha platoon in overwatch position TIS
    2.:...same in day sight
    3.: Enemy reenforcements 2800m north of our position get wacked

    Well, I do not post pics of infantry on purpose...there are the weaknesses of the sim
    (VBS2 is MUUUUCH better there :cool: )

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  11. So...I would like a good/realistic tank sim. Would this be it, or are there better?
  12. Well, thats why Swedish, Danish, Spanish and Finish forces use it as crew and leader trainer (classroom solution).
    I think the Danes even converted it into a gunnery trainer.

    So, in my opinion, the best tank/IFV sim out there. While VBS2 ist the best I know for the "leggies".
  13. But is it a game? Can I play it on my own? Varying missions? Online play with other players etc?
  14. Yes you can play in single player mode.
    In fact it is reccomended before moving onto multi player so you dont get your ass kicked all the time.