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Tank parts bound for Syria discovered ( Belated Entry )

I thought I would stick this post up :)

Despite an European Union embargo, an Attempt to a ship spare parts for Tanks to Government Forces in civil war-torn Syria was uncovered in January, but Details only emerged in Mid-February. The Finnish shipping company Finnlines Plc revealed on Feb15th 2013 that a container holding spare parts of tanks had been loaded on board the Finnsun 28.002gt , at St Petersburg on Dec 20th 2012 and the ship called at Kotka on her way to Antwerp.
The company said the military vehicle Equipment and its final destination of Syria was detected on Jan 3rd 2013 during the normal the normal re- checking procedure of the Contents of the Cargoes on board.
" In view of the situation in Syria,the European Union has banned the Transfer or export of arms and related material of all types to Syria" the co,pany said.
" Therefore the Cargo was not unloaded in Antwerp and under Finnish Law, Finnlines could not take the container back to St Petersberg so decided immediately to keep the container on board the ship and take it back to Helsinki for discharge and delivered the cargo promptly to Finnish Customs.
Finnlines immediately requested the Finnish customs to restrain the cargo and an Inspection was conducted at the port of Vuosaari in Helsinki on Jan9th 2013.




End user certificates, machine parts and huminitarian aid... sounds like the God of War is still as busy as ever!
Also in January 2013,2 large Russian Amphibious ships the Kaliningrad and the Alexandr Shabalin arrived at the syrian port or Tartus and unloaded a specific amount of weapons for the Syrian government in the country.


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