Tank Park Olympics

Discussion in 'RAC' started by 120mmtopgun, Apr 4, 2008.

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  1. Since its the turn of the rice gobblers in China to host the olympics.We have decided to have our own version.I need some crazy ideas on tank park olympics , nothing too dangerous as we are short of troopers & decent JNCO`s as it is!!
    The last time we did something like this was on telic 4 ,whilst sorting out the chally`s,but that for some reason that always involved burning each other with spanners & seeing who could lie on the roasting tarmac the longest !!!
  2. Chicken? Man Vs moving tank!

  3. Surely the sport of "skiffing" was invented by you oil covered ruffians ?

  4. 2x ?mtr Track Relay?
    Biathlon - Drive and Shoot!!!
    If in winter - Ice - Free Dance!

    theres some to be getting on with!!!LOL
  5. 3 day bridge gallop..... the hard way with HGOB and no crane :omfg: but make the tankies build their own ..... :lol:
  6. Javelin with an APDS dart? How far can you throw one and get it stuck in the grass?
  7. Throwing the sledge hammer,works best if hands are covered in grease,accuracy not guaranteed.
  8. Traverse the turret right / left 90 degrees and either vault the barrel or limbo, depending on belly size.
  9. There is always the noble art of opposite arm biffy throwing. The competitor must make a sprint to the line & then launch an object with his opposite arm (left hand for right handers etc). It can be a most amusing sport.

    Then you could always do spud racing! A potato on a string suspended from the waist is used to manouvre another potato around an obstacle course. Rules are that you cannot use your hands or feet to direct the spud - another cracker if beer is involved, even your most athletic trooper will look like a complete biff.

  10. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Winter only - Padders Tk Pk ideal location as on a slight hill.

    Turn on Tk Pk fire hose and pour gallons of water onto cobbled road (best done in wintrer). Inflate I x Stalwart tire.

    Attempt longest slide from top hangers - dodging various vehicles and people as they cross road.
    Avoid CO, Adjt, RSM as they enter/leave RHQ by back door.

    For the larger Tank Park in snow/ice.

    Enter area at high speed and pull a stick at a given mark.
    Marks for number of spins and distance.
  11. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    Huh, who needs a Stolly tyre?

    In Winter 1977-78 we just moved into Alanbrooke. Jock C had a bright yellow Mark 1 Escort. The throttle cable went so he frigged the carb so that the engine ran at a given number of revs. He came into work from the Pads every day controlling his speed by selecting the appropriate gear and not using the throttle at all.

    As you will know, Padders winters were cold and the snow was deep on the back square which sloped down to A Sqn, Command Troop, MT and TFE Signals Sqn hangars ... and the Officers Mess. It being too cold to work on the Saracens, we all just piled into Jock's Escort and skated round and round the square.
  12. Oh I gotta get in on this when I eventually arrive (I'm starting basic in a few days, joining the RDG).

    Can we hook a challie up to a bunch of rockets like the top gear fellas did and attempt the high jump? Obviously we will need a few more rockets. :D
  13. Park next to Grunt Coy and see how much water you can waste b4 the complain!
  14. Detmold early 80's, we used to like the QOH tank park for pirouettes in the 434 ala "Elavablokes" method.

    Also don't forget there is always "Nurdles". Basic eqpt required, 2 * GS shovels, 10lb sledgespanner & 2 * cans of cheese possessed. Laid out much the same as a cricket pitch (shovel at each end with the cheese possessed as bails), teams take it in turns to launch the hammer at the wicket. Max points for breaking the shovel, always a favourite with the "Q" man. ENJOY

  15. Winter olympics only ! Asqn Osnatraz, ten minutes before the sallybash wagon pulls up next to the roaring LAD brazier, throw in 4 tins of compo finest= wait for the que to build up then place your bets on who would run the furthest :D Hours of fun.