Tank Overhaul on UKTV History

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by thefootman, Jan 19, 2007.

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  1. Has anyone else been lucky enough to watch this new Programme on sky. After having some days of during the week I Have!

    They lure you into a thinking you will be watching a really good programme about the resoration of WWII tanks but oh no.

    What a load of crap! They dont even show the restoration of any of the tanks all the way through. They dont show you the final result of the restoration and fill the programme full of achieve footage and talking.

    I realise I am going to be in league with comic book guy of the simpsons by posting this thread but this programme was so dissapointing i wanted to share it.
  2. Have to agree. I settled down to watch this with high expectations, a cup of tea, a mince pie and my Ian allen tank Spotters guide. Within seconds I knew I was in for a programme that would have someone called 'dave' who wore a little bobble hat covered in crap, crappier overalls, acne and really dodgy teeth. Sure enough, he turned up and stared knocking great clumps of everything in site with a grinder. Still, it made a change from bikes, trucks, hot rods, boats and most anyting else with wheels, that 'dave' usually turns up in. Theres always a 'dave' isn't there?
  3. Very disappointing, especially today's episode (Friday 19 Jan)
  4. The Salvage Squad did a M10 some time ago, rusty hulk to a working toy in 60 mins..... link here
  5. Im just so happy im not the only one then to be sucked in and let down. Is there any other programmes like this which just end up being a waste of time?
  6. Saw the Sherman episode yesterday....w*nk. 40 mins of welding, then you don't even get to see the finished article. Pointless sh*t.

    Cheers Easy!
  7. Yep it was utter shite aimed at the spams by the look of it. How many times did I need telling they were going to nail to knackerd shermans together, And how the sherman won the war. Utter pi55, I rather chop my c0ck off!!