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Discussion in 'RAC' started by mucus, Sep 22, 2004.

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  1. is the museum at bovingdon any good?
    thinking about taking my kids there this week end.

  2. Depends on how old they are.

    My son- 10years old enjoyed it- but we made a day of it by driving the Lulworth ranges first.

    Boredom set in after an hour and a half in the museum!
  3. The museum is outstanding and always provided an ideal retreat from Stanley Barracks ....... just a shame the old BFT circuit ran around the bast@rd place, makes what is a very worthwhle place to visit one of the most loathed buildings on earth :D
  4. Its an excellent museum if armour is your thing but if the sight of yet another Tiger tank sets them yawning you can pop down to Monkeyworld and watch chimps fling their own shiete about the place................. :lol: :lol:
  5. The museum is excellent - the two anti tank guns are good fun - I had several goes. Also the baby version of the death slide (yes I'm too much of a coward for any adult one)
    The shop is also fabulous - take your credit card :)
  6. Can you actually buy a tank there then? :D
  7. yes - I got one in pink dpm but as I can't drive it is parked outside my flat
  8. cheers for that everyone :lol:
  9. Visits to the museum where mandatory when a JLR. Halcyon days ol' JLR RAC. Can we have it back, please............. Oh we have its called AFC!!!!!!!!!!!!!Back to weak tea and smelling of wee........Bah bah.
  10. Of course you can, all over Dorset you can see ex-tankies driving their old wagons down to the shops
  11. Was there a couple of years ago and thought it was pretty good. Plenty of tanks!
  12. Top museum! The entry through the WW1 trench system (complete with sound effects and smells!) is a good start to the visit. At this time of the year they often do "rides" around one of the paddocks in a 430 - I suspect that the kids would enjoy that.
  13. This is the website:


    It's an excellent museum; LOADS of tanks. Click on "special events". The displays they do on Thursdays in July are fun, with mock battles and explosions. And the shop has LOTS of stuff ..... much better than your average gift shop. The viewpoint up the road is popular, too, you can watch tanks going round the circuits. And I still enjoy seeing tanks on the roads here ........ they look huge ..... and the noise/rumble is awesome. (And, no, I'm not on commission.)

    What's the BFT circuit?
  14. Hi there is a Tank Fest on the sunday 25th of June at @ the Tank Museum which will include displays and lots of stands...Should be a good day out and worth while going along to see... 10.00-17.00.
  15. Apologies!!! Blonde moment :oops: Ahhhhh, I've looked it up. BFT = Basic Fitness Test. Now I understand.