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Discussion in 'RAC' started by CaptainWillard, Jul 4, 2008.

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  1. Just had a fantastic day at Bovigton tank Fest last weekend, however I am a bit arrsed off that serving military and veterans get no discount whatsoever at these events and have to pay the full £15 entrance fee.

    Considering the amount of army support that the museum calls upon and given today's current political climate, does anyone think that recognition of our forces efforts should begin a bit closer to home?

    Or am I just being a tight-arrse?...
  2. Nice idea, but I'm sure they need the money to do what they do.
    On the couple of occasions I have visited Bovington over the years I have been more than happy to contribute by paying the enterance fee......
  3. Used to be free when I lived in Bovvy! (1978!)
    Has it changed much? It was just a few sheds full of rusty tanks which you could clamber all over when I were a lad.......
  4. As your go ogle mojo has failed so badly, let me help;

    Linky to museum

    Linky to Youtube
  5. Normal admission prices are often waived for servicemen, but on special days ( such as tankfest) there are no concessions for anyone.
  6. Production of MoD 90 gets you in free :D
  7. Crikey,relinquished MOD 90 in the late '80's,join the Friends at Bovvy and they let you play with the armour.

    Sod's law,7 days in Egypt in 50c sunshine and not even a hint of a tan,
    7 hrs at Tankfest and I'm lobsterfied :x , global warming in Dorset methinks
  8. The hat20 family also had a belting day out on Sunday at the 'Fest'......was very well orged even down to the cadets guiding us in to park up.
    The Tiger was awesome truly awesome! when she was driven into the arena you could see everyone stand up for a better view! was very impressive indeed.
    Did anyone else spot the retired bods standing next to the 'chiefs' taking in past sights/smells as they where lined up ready to go into the arena?
    Hat(jnr) loved the final battle at the end and spent alot of time chatting to the re-enactors.
    Did like the model tanks from Amortek but at about £3000+ to get running maybe not.
    A great day and we will returning for next years series of 'fests'

    A happy hat :lol:
  9. hat20,
    Glad to hear you enjoyed it - the Tiger was fantastic. It really helped to illustrate the bravery of our forebears attempting to take these things on whilst travelling in under-powered, under-gunned petrol cookers. I appreciated the minute silence at the end of the mock battle - it was quite sobering and gave a legitimacy to the whole event.

    I think the museum is fantastic and they do a wonderful job of keeping the vehicles together. The have just got a huge lottery grant (about time it went to something decent) for the new arena etc and I don't mind contributing. But considering the amount of help that they have drawn from the military (notice all the phase 2 trainees doing crowd and traffic control), I think the least they could do would be a reduction for military and/or veterans on these special days.

    Perhaps I'm jaded by a recent trip to the States. A few examples:

    Busch Gardens, Florida - free to all serving military (British included) and immediate family.
    Sea World - All currently serving American, British and Canadian troops and veterans asked to stand up at the start of the show for an ovation. That sure brought a lump to the throat...

    Just a few of the many ways that the Spams do it better than us! It's not the money, it's the respect. :salut:

  10. Sadly the museum is not what it used to be, and you will never get the reduction for ex service as it is now a commercial venture and has to make money!! gone are the old days when it was MoD run. down the road at the R Signals museum they have a different outlook (or did last year) uniform free.
  11. As in no sex against its back wall, type of used to be :D
  12. Captain Willard
    I appreciate the sentiment and to an extent I agree.
    When it comes to places like Bovington who must spend shedloads of money to maintain and develop the collection I have always been happy to pay my money. Its simply a case of they need the cash to continue what they do and I am more than happy to contribute.
    I'm sure there are lots of people concerned with Bovington who are involved for the love of it, but love doesn't buy paint, parts or even electricity.
    I live several hundred miles from there but have been a few times over the years, worth every penny.

    But then I'm a fat lazy git who wouldn't be entitled to a discount anyway so it could be argued I'm biased.....!
  13. I suppose I could always try a career change and get a job there! It would be worth it just to get to play on the Tiger...

    Do they need any drivers? I wonder what the wages are like?... :wink: