tank museum Munster, Germany

Takes me back a bit. I visited the museum whille on an exchange with 15 Panzer Artillerie Bn based in Stadtholdendorf in 1986.

didn't think they let you take photo's, still grateful you have.
It is officially allowed to take pictures there as long as they are not for commercial interests. But this may be a new regulation.
Hi Mob Inf,

Thanks for the great photos. I regret not having visited the museum when I was based in Hildesheim. Is the World War one AT-7 a real one or a replica. I always beleived that there was only one AT-7 left in the world and thats in Australia! I'd be interested to know.


Hi flyingmonkey:
You´re right: The only known real A7V is the "Mephisto" standing in the Queensland-museum in Brisbane. The one in Munster is a replica. It was constructed from 1987 to 1990 by using plans from the university of the federal armed forces in Hamburg. But it is also unique as it is the only known replica of a A7V.

Achtung! Panzer!
Hi Mob Inf,

Thanks for the reply on that one mate. I Have a big WW1 interest so it must be quite interesting to stand next to something like the AT-7 replica and see its dimensions. Hope I get to the museum one day.

FM.......in Ypres
On the subject of WW1 tanks, the only Brit tank of that war that I know of resides in the Imperial War Museum; are there any more?

Also, how come only one Jerry tank remains? was led to believe that they had just as mainly (roughly) as we did, so were they all destroyed in combat and/or dismantled after Versailles?
Hi Kolya,
the german army wasn´t able to build so many tanks. In fact they only had 20 (!) A7V. This is why they used captured british tanks as well which you can see on that website:
According to the peace treaty of Versailles Germany was not allowed to have tanks so the few remaining german tanks had to be dismantled.

It is really awesome to stand in front of a ww1 or ww2 tank because you feel so small and vulnerable. The first massed tank attacks must have been a shock for the guys in the trenches - they didn´t know what these new weapons were and they had nearly no defensive means against them.


There are a number of British Tanks from WW1 on display in museums. From what I know you have them at the IWM, Tank museum at Bovvington (One in working order!), four of them at the Royal army Museum in Brussels (MarkIV Male, Whippett light tank and two French Renaults). There are also two tanks from the war still on display around the UK (Very common after WW1) One in Lincoln, and Ashford, Kent.

Hi 2-4-A,
the museum can be found at the east of Munster in the Hans-Krueger-Street.

They have a website with english version

tank museum Munster

That´s just a german prototype of a hunting tank / destroyer tank from 1974.
Armament should consist of 2x 105 mm cannons with automatic reloading.
Crew: 3 as there was no need for the assistant gunner.
Ah I'm in the wrong Munster, (NRW), but we have had work done on our camp and a strange very small tracked vehicle has been dug up, it looks like a tracked motorcycle sidecar, will try and photo it for you to comment. Thank you.
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