Discussion in 'RAC' started by aghart, Mar 8, 2007.

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  1. I was in RHQ RTR today and was shocked to hear that the tank mag is under threat of closure. It is simply not selling in enough numbers to break even let alone make any money. Reduction to 2 regiments and the reduction of Association branches and the decline in membership of existing branches are all having an effect.

    To make matters worse many association members are (understandably) making use of their branch's copy of the tank mag rather than subscribing to it themselves.

    It costs £14 a year by direct debit.

    On behalf of HQ RTR I am asking for people to subscribe to the Tank Mag
    before it's too late.

    to request a subscription order form Call RHQ RTR on 01929 403444 or fax 01929 403488 or e-mail rhq@royaltankregiment.com
  2. Sorry wan't talking to Sun readers :thumright:
  3. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator


    I hope T_Rex gave you a cup of tea at least.
  4. Is there an electronic order form? One we can at least download an print in Adobe or Word formats?
  5. Well, blow me down and b*gger me with a fish fork Black Adder!!!

    Shocking, I have to shoulder an element of blame as, since leaving in 1990 I've not subscribed but, I've mailed RHQ for a subscription mullarkey, I have also asked for advertising rates for my artwork business to see if I can get anyone to part with their cash for some of my custom made piccies. Maybe that'll help fill their coffers!!!!!!

    Come on everyone chip in, support the Regiment, not that there's much of it left these days!!!! We mustn't let an institution die like the government keeps trying to do with the 'boys in the baggy black skin'!

    As a Tank commander said at Cambrai..............
    I looked down at the Infantry and shouted, "Come on you blokes, can't expect to live forever!" And away we went!
  7. I am not sure this is a crisis is it.....I think that actually RHQ RTR would be better updating there website with up to date news. Just as an aside issue most other RAC units have a Annual journal of some sorts, perhaps now is the time to change?

    Now fully expecting to get some grief I am going for a bath!!
  8. well i am waiting for a call of a model agency at the mo as i made front cover for the 2007 first issue of tank mag get in
  9. I would fully recommend the magazine it has some excellent articles
    Eg Lebanon-Merkava challanged by Hezbollah by Lt Col D.Eshel.IDF
    which was in December 2006 Edition and many more similar and varied articles so tankies please don't let it become obsolete please put in an order it really is worth the cost
  10. Yes and the 2RTR official website needs a makeover and bringing into 2007. Look at 1RTR's and compare it to 2's!
  11. A valid point but I suspect that an annual journal would simply be bought by the very same people who buy the 3 times a year version available now.

    To those who have said they will subscribe I say thank you. To those who will subscribe but dont announce it I say thank you. To those who simply wont subscribe let me remind you that to reach the fabled green fields you first have to pass through the mud and the blood. Let me tell you you that I have it on good authority that unless you subscribe to the tank mag you wont even make it to the mud , never mind the blood and forget about finding those geen fields!!

    Also when we are in heaven , if you ask to borrow my copy of the tank mag please do not be offended if I tell you to F*** **f and go back to reading the beano!
  12. I like to receive the Tank Mag 3x's a year due to being on posting, it is good to see what the regiment have been up to over the past months , I can imagine having to wait 12 months to catch up on old news :frown:
  13. being a collector of all things shiney and not nailed down,,its always wound me up ,,the amount of tank mags,,send to serving soldiers,,,still sealed in the plastic,,that get thrown away in bins,, i notice this ,,because as a complete gypsie and pikie..i go down the bins looking for,,stuff...
    tankmags are next to craftsmen ,,reme ,,mags found in abundence,, this makes me think,,,if the soldiers arnt even looking at it,,maybe,,a change is needed..prehaps twice,once a year ,,thicker journel..i dont know ,,ive collected the mags scince the days of green covers,,in small format,,
    colour within the mag,,instead of b w..might also help...thel atest edition i found quite good...but you are right ,,it is in crisis...
  14. that is not the only thing in crisis pup it seems by your grasp on the english language has been fuddled by the red vino check your coms me old mate
  15. The trouble pikie pup is the Tank Mags you still see in wrappers are probably the ones belonging to blokes away on posting which never get posted on, I know because I use to post one on in the past for a fellow Tankie, who was paying for the mag but never receiving it..The post bunk usually have quite a few left on the shelves !