Tank joyrider

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by mucus, Jul 9, 2007.

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  1. His friends egged him on? What point are they making? That this bloke has no ability to make decisions and relies entirely on young soldiers to tell him what to do?

    What a kn0b. But yes, good effort, anyone got a linky to the video?
  2. Well if he's 22 then I'm glad that I never had his paper round! (Either that or my "young lessons aren't working!!!)
  3. Fcukwit, but not as bad as the US National Guard soldier who nicked a tank and went on the rampage(in LA, I think).

    He eventually crashed the tank. Police managed to get the hatch open and shot him dead.
  4. They used to have Chieftains away from Cambrai Tank Park regularly
  5. Saw the video a while ago, infact there was a post on here about it, I must admit I couldn't help but laugh.
  6. ....and there was the bloke who had the Stalwart halfway across the channel when he sobered up and thought he ought to go back to BAOR.
  7. I think that one was a war story mate. The one I heard had an add on that Alvis bought him out and gave him a job as a test driver.
  8. Possibly, though I'm pretty sure I remember seeing it on the BBC TV news.
    Googling produces this and this but nothing definitive.

    Edited to delete rogue link.
  9. Happened to me once when one of my tanks went for an unscheduled training run when the bars shut. Osnabruck late 70's..... Mac. K where are you? Did you get the driving instructor job?

    ps A tank is a tank. An APC is an APC.
  10. The incident in California ended when the idiot managed to center his M60A3 on a Jersey barrier (concrete divider between lanes of traffic... probably have a differant name in your country) and an Army veteran turned police officer realized the yahoo had failed to combat lock the TC hatch on the turret.

    When I was stationed in Germany we had an incident of a young private (wheeled vehicle mechanic type) being ordered to move an Abrams by the motor pool sergeant. Kid had never seen a tank, let alone possess a license to drive one. He immediately placed the vehicle in reverse and backed over the front half of the NCO who ordered him to's BMW! :D

    Both were disciplined by the CO...

  11. No its true ...the fella did get half way across the channel...fuel was very low ,so he turned around and returned to shore.....however he did not know he had a few jerry cans of fuel in the rear of the stalwart...
    yes he went on to work for a well known fuel company in sunny scotland..

  12. What a cnut! Bet the wounded in Selly Oak, not to mention the relatives and friends of those killed in Iraq and Afghanistan and elsewhere, think he is a proper card!

    I think he is a total tw*t and t*sser.