Tank id from rusty heap challenge


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Charioteer, m'thinks, no I'm wrong turret slopes the wrong way and the gun looks a bit weenie for a 20pdr, A30 Challenger


If it was the Charioteer then it had some merit as an idea, Cent then was only 17 pounder and the idea of using an older chassis with a light turret and bigger gun had been proven to work!
As usual it was superceded before getting any use and flogged off.
I wonder where the example in the clip was?
Charioteer looks like this:

Note the webbing straps along the bustle and the spare road wheel stowage
while Challenger A30 looks like this:

Note fugly turret and complete lack of bustle
Interestingly, the image search for the Challenger turned up this one:

which appears to be of the same location from a different angle. In fact, you can see the rusted hull and light green coloured turret in the background of ugly's first picture.

Location is the Isle of Wight.

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