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Discussion in 'RAC' started by AltairDraco, Dec 11, 2008.

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  1. Did you know that the very first tank was crewed by RN personell,later to be taken over by the machinegun corp,which was later changed to the RTR.
  2. Oh I thought you had mistyped Thank History .
  3. This would be suiteable for the thread, "Something from history you probably didn't know."
  4. And that the development was authorised by Winston Churchill, then First Lord of The Admiralty, and the first machine was nicknamed the 'Land Cruiser'

    (later the 'Water Carrier' and finally 'Tank')
  5. Dennis Adams was one of the crew and the others were called Burt.

  6. Can't resist a bit of buffing here.

    The first Troops were recruited from volunteers of 'All arms' Army and Navy for 'An extremely hazardous mission'. No tank was exclusively crewed by Naval personnel. Gunnery training was carried out under Naval instruction at their gunnery school at Whale Island as the first guns were converted from Naval applications. (Rum to this day held by Squadron Quartermasters or at least still was when I got out in 1990 due to the Naval connection).
    Tanks first belonged to the Admiralty as 'Royal Naval Landships' hence photos of tanks with names painted on such as RNLS Dragonfly.
    Their Army unit however was 'The Heavy Branch, The machine gun corps' to further disguise the existence of such vehicles prior to first action.
    This then became 'The Tank Corps' then later, post WW1, when the King intervened to stop the Cav bigwigs at the WD disbanding the Corps, he adopted the Regiment adding Royal to the title the Monarch today remaining C in C.
    In the 30's the name changed to Royal Tank Regiment.

    That's it in a nutshell, minus the swearing I've included in the section of my book.
  7. Read THE DEVILS CHARIOTS by John Glanfield and BAND OF BRIGANDS by Chrisry Campbell, Albert Stern had problems with the Civil Servicein getting certificates so that Wm Fosters workers would not get called up , so he went to the office in question and told the staff they had 10 mins to provide them before he orderd his men to open fire. Left with a sack full of them
  8. 4RTR and presumably now 1RTR had a ships bell outside the guardroom because of the RN connection. Seemingly Ships Time was rung on it, 8 bells etc, never rung it in my time; just polished it.
  9. All Tankies know this.
  10. 3RTR's quick march was called 'On the Quarter Deck'! 8O Only cos' we beat the Navy in some rowing comp mind!!! :D
  11. Apologies Tankies but as a slight aside. The opening bars of the 13th/18th Royal Hussars Regimantal Quick march were taken from "A life on the ocean wave"
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  13. And the 17/21st had 'Nelly the Elephant' :?
  14. http://military-bands.co.uk/quick.html

    Volume Two:
    SUB MARINERS - Up Periscope; ROYAL MARINE COMMANDOS - Sarie Marais; THE BLUES AND ROYALS - Grand March from Aida & The Royals; 4thI7th ROYAL DRAGOON GUARDS - St Patrick's Day; THE QUEEN'S OWN HUSSARS - Light Cavalry; THE ROYAL HUSSARS (Prince of Wales's Own) - The Merry Month of May; 13th/18th ROYAL HUSSARS (Queen Mary's Own) - A Life on the Ocean Wave and Balaklava March; l4th/20th KING'S HUSSARS - Royal Sussex; 16th/5th THE QUEEN'S ROYAL LANCERS - Scarlet and Green; IRISH GUARDS - St Patrick's Day; WELSH GUARDS - Rising of the Lark; THE ROYAL REGIMENT OF FUSILIERS - The British Grenadiers; THE ROYAL REGIMENT OF EUSILIERS - New Fusilier; THE ROYAL ANGLIAN REGIMENT - Rule Britannia & Speed the Plough; THE DEVONSHIRE AND DORSET REGIMENT - Widdieomhe Fair, We've Lived and Loved Together and The Maid of Glenconnel; THE ROYAL HIGHLAND FUSILIERS (Princess Margaret's Own Glasgow and Ayreshire Regiment) - Whistle o'er the Lave O't and British Grenadiers: THE 22nd (CHESHIRE) REGIMENT - Wha Wadna Fecht for Charlie; THE GLOUCESTERSHIRE REGIMENT - The Kinnegad Slashers; THE QUEEN'S LANCASHIRE REGIMENT - The Attack & The Red Rose; THE DUKE OF WELLINGTON'S REGIMENT (West Riding) - The Wellesley; THE STAFFORDSHIRE REGIMENT (The Prince of Wales's) - Come Lasses and Lads and The Days We went A-Gipsying; THE BLACK WATCH (Royal Highland Regiment) - Highland Laddie; THE ARGYLL AND SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS (Princess Louise's) - The Thin Red Line; THE PARACHUTE REGIMENT - Ride of the Valkyries; 7th DUKE OF EDINBURGH'S OWN GURKHA RIFLES - Old Monmouthshire; GURKHA ENGINEERS - Wings; GURKHA MILITARY POLICE - The Watch Tower; ROYAL ARMY MEDICAL CORPS - Here's a Health Unto His Majesty; SMALL ARMS SCHOOL CORPS - March of the Bowmen; MILITARY PROVOST STAFF CORPS - The Metropolitan; ROYAL PIONEER CORPS - Pioneer Corps; ARMY CATERING CORPS - Sugar and Spice; ULSTER DEFENCE REGIMENT - Sprig of Shillelagh & Garryowen; ARMY LEGAL CORPS - Scales of Justice; STRIKE COMMAND - Strike Command March Past; ROYAL AIR FORCE POLICE - Royal Air Force Police March Past.


    Edited to add; I can't find Nelly the Elephant on volume 1. Only The White Lancers?
  15. Has to be said however, the RTR Regimental March 'My Boy Willie' is one of the lamest I've heard albeit I have it as my mobile's ringtone out of loyalty!!! If the 'rather limp' words to it were to be heard publicly and in my presence I'd have to, in the words of Richard Sharpe (and I don't oft quote from Grunts), "Go somewhere, take my pistol and what remains of my brains, and blow them out".
    However, 'On the quarterdeck' is a fine piece of marching music but, pales into insignificance against Adge Cutler's 'When the Charlton Mackrell Jug Band hit the charts' or 'Up the Clump'!!

    Why is it, British Slow Marches like 'Les Hugenots' are the finest in the world but, our Quick Marches are nowhere near as good as say the Hun with their swagger inducing renditions such as 'Grosse Locke mit Steinmetzmarsch' or 'Preussens Gloria' or................of course...............'PanzerLied'!!!!!!!!!