Tank Heavn for Leetle Gurls...

Ah, the Good, the Bad and the Fugly..

Seems that Hayden Panetierre, the Heroes' Cheerleader is so into saving whales as her pet project that she's selling off all her clothes [ yeah, right] to raise money for the cause.. So, if any randy guys want to get into Hayden's pants they can order them up from her website: panetierrescloset..

course,to pull them on you got to have a 24 inch waist..FFS.

on the flip side, its been announced that Jamie Lynn, Slutney's younger sister, currently up the stump with youngun, will ' give up' her baby so that she can be 'free' to persue her career and ' mature' in her craft , as, being only 16 she isn't yet ready for motherhood.

Granny Lynn, Jamie and Britney's mom, will do the kid- raisin' back at the tar shack in Looosiana [ quality parenting skills there ].. and rumours swirl that the ' father' of Jamies' little luv bundle isn't her 18 year old paramour but a [ ahem ] much older Disney executive who has been ' mentoring' Jamie Lynnn on her show [ she started on Zoey 101 when she was 13 ]..seems to me that's a classic case of grooming and kiddie fiddling but, I'm sure these rumours are all unfounded and the lawyers have advised me untrue malicious gossip with no basis in fact [ last sentence written under protest of bankrupting lawsuit from Mickey ]..

Got to love Hollywood..nice to see its moved past its grief on losing Heath to poor drug therapy....
Rocketeer said:
course,to pull them on you got to have a 24 inch waist..FFS.
Nah....just wear them like a set of "Hamburg Headwarmers"

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