Tank Geek Puzzle Game, name that tank..

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Stan_Da_Bout, Feb 8, 2013.

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  1. Edit - We are on the 3rd batch now but feel free to guess/play at the first two rounds before you scroll on....

    Including tank destroyers but not self propelled guns.

    Seeing as we were having such fun with the thread linky below, I thought it would be an idea to see just how tank nerdy we really are.

    Link is NSFW - http://www.arrse.co.uk/naafi-bar/194167-whats-tank.html

    I've attached 4 x small sections of tanks from obviously much larger photos. Numbered from left to right 1,2,3,4. Some are easy, I've been kind, others hopefully will challenge you. If you get them easily enough I'll post some real stinkers!

    Have fun...

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  2. No 1 = Hetzer SP Gun based on Skoda 35t chassis
    No 2 = M48 Patton
    No 3 = Panzer II ?? Not sure on that one.
    No 4 = Fuck knows.
  3. No,
  4. Panther, Patton, Matilda I. Somua.
  5. Yes,
  6. clankety clank they're fucking tanks...well it is the NAAFI
  7. 1-4= Target, large iron...
  8. Do we get a point for Friend or Foe ?
  9. That is going to be difficult considering who the last one belonged to. That's a clue.
  10. 3; Matilda II
    4; Italian P40
  11. 2, no.
    4, yes. (to be massively anal = carro-armato-p26-40)

    Excellent job on the P40 by the way.
  12. Ta. Read Leaky's luck last year and had a look at Italian iron then.

    No3 has me stumped. Six spoke sprocket and small wheel a-la Matilda. Vickers design possibly?
  13. That's the one I'd expect to be the stumper. Yes, it is Vickers design, that's all I'm saying or I'll give it away.
  14. No 3 = T26
  15. Close but no cigar...