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Discussion in 'RAC' started by matty198622, Jan 28, 2007.

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  1. hi all, i am at the moment in the application stage of joining the army and looking through my options this is one thing that has jumped out at me!! people advise taking trades like mechanic etc this just isnt me and as much as some days i think your right i`ve decided this is definately what i want to go for!! ive read lots about the role and obviously peoples advice / feedback to others. just wondering if there is any other unofficial sites i can look at? and also any advice will be greatly appreciated!!
  2. Hello mate you have come to the right place. You will always get people saying ''join the army and get a trade'' thing is a lot of people join the army to be a soldier,I know thats why I joined. Within the RAC you will find plenty of chances to get a good trade as well as beeing a fighting soldier.Most of the army is ''Bowmanised'' now which means you will have a good understanding of Digital communication,as an RAC soldier you will have to have a mechanical knowledge just to go up the ladder.Ok your not going to be a fully qualified mechanic but there is the career path there for you to become one. The fact that your an RAC soldier(if you join as one) looks good on any CV in civvy street. Join up do 22 years then leave with a big pay off and a pension for life,or just do a few years learn about man management,personal discipline,smartness, time keeping,respect for others and how to have a sense of humour in stressful times.These are all good qualities to have ,that would benefit you in later life.

    Oh course within the RAC there are loads of regiments to chose from a lot depends on where you are from and if you would prefer Tanks or recce.We all have a lot of own regimental pride on the RAC forum in arrse so there is no point in asking ''which regiment is the best'' you will get 8 different answers.I have served on Challenger tanks and I am now in Recce.For me recce is the best.Its your call mate. PM me if you have questions.Check out 1st the QUEENS DRAGOON GUARDS, google will sort you out.Best of luck.
  3. thanks alot mate its something i have obviously put alot of thought into and every little helps and this isnt something im looking to do in the short term obviously its easy saying that but ideally its going to be a long term commitment and looking forward to the hard work and commitment i need to put in!! at the moment i live in manchester so dont know if this counts any regiments??
  4. Matty - You will have regiments that are local to you but you can join any regiment you like.

    Just because a regiment recruits from a certain area doesn't mean you can't apply to join them :)
  5. Not too sure on Manchester mate maybe Kings Royal Hussars (KRH) in that area.Saying that we have a few Mancs in QDG.The recruiting areas are just a guide to be honest.check the army website and look up RAC you will find loads of fine regiments ,thing is the best way to find out about them is to ring them up.You know what the recruiting posters and info are like.The careers office staff do the job but they still have to fill certain regiments. If you fancy recce, I can give you the info mate.
  6. Aye, being a manchester lad myself, its the KRH, but were you live doesnt mean you join the Regiment who recruits in that area, i joined a staffordshire Regiment, we had Jocks, cockneys, taffs and fijians!

    However the KRH are our local Regiment, so its always a good start to see what they say etc.
  7. Just dont be put off by the pink trousers.
  8. haha just seen those!!! they are quite bad but suppose where the uniform with pride etc..... but still who thought of that haha what sort of factors should i be taking into consideration when choosing??
  9. hey they will tell him him its a new form of camo, funnily enough in our free local paper they do a bit on Manchester soldiers in Iraq, its a QRL who is in it this week,recruiting doesnt stick to Regimental boundarys.

    So far ive not seen anyone from manchester in a local regiment of anything!!
  10. Aye wear the uniform with pride KRH is usally gay pride :)
  11. i was thinking it was not gonna say it though what did you take into consideration before applying for your regiment??
  12. Umm well a gunnery instructor at bovvy said the 16/5th was a good Regiment, and a couple of lads i met at JLR were going into it, so i went, didnt regret it one bit, their again no one i know regrets the Regt they joined. Horses for courses, plenty of time for you to decide.

    Bit different in my day though, with the hitler youth and catterick, so dont know how much input instructors have, people like Pave can help more, far younger he is, and he likes breaking in newbies :)
  13. I had a choice of two from my area and I sort of tossed a coin based on what the uniforms looked like. (true). I felt it best to be with people who spoke the same regional accent as I did.

    You'll find that all RAC regiments are fairly equal though, the only real choice you have to make is recce or MBT. You'll find plenty of people on here bumming up their own outfit but that's normal - it's pride. You pick the one you can be proud of mate.
  14. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    scarletto - fancy taking advice from a goooonery instructor :yawnstretch:
  15. Aye, especially if it were AC :threaten: