Discussion in 'RAC' started by marshall22, Dec 22, 2006.

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  1. Im 18 and i want to join the RAC as a tank crewman but everyone iv spoke to so far says that i should go for a trade, its the sensible thing but to be honest i just dont want to. Iv done the BARB test and that opend up all jobs for me but iv got my heart set on being a crewman. Can someone tell me im not making a huge shittin mistake? cheers.
  2. No, your not making a mistake, if you want to be a Tank crewman then go for it, thousands have and seem to have done alright for emselves, myself included
  3. Hear Hear! Do what you think you will enjoy - it is your life and no-one elses! :thumleft:
  4. Best thing i ever did, there will be many people say that nobody needs a tank driver in civvy street but there will be many on here will tell you it is of no hinderance whatsoever in getting jobs when you eventually leave.

    And tank crew is a trade, take an interest in your wagon and you can learn a lot of mechanics, Reach tank commander and the skills you learn there will be far better than any management course. It's all about how you sell yourself.

    Go for it, you'll not regret it
  5. Just to add, you cant do wrong, youll be with a great bunch of lads, whatever Reg you join, you can learn trades whilst in the RAC, not just ones applicable to the RAC, cant see why people would want you not to join the Cav or RTR???
  6. Thanks for your replies guys, youve all said exacly what i wanted to hear. im gonna go for it and feel much better on doing so now. And if your a tankie you do learn some engineering etc so its all good. Now iv just got to pick the regiment, qrh, krh or qrl i think iv got it down to. cheers again
  7. All good cavalry regiments.welcome to the club.
  8. Late arrival, but just to reinforce what the other guys said. There is no practical purpose for tanking skills in the civilian world, but I have absolutely no regrets about becoming a tanker. The day the crossed sabres come off my lapels is the day I retire, or make General.

  9. I joined REME and learned a trade and never regretted it but I didn't follow my trade when I came out, my mate joined the 17th/21st at the same time and became tank crew. We work together now both doing the same job. There aren't that many blokes who come out vand follow their army trade. The important thing is , while you're in enjoy it after all there are always opportunities to transfer or change trade if you aren't happy doing what you joined up to do. Go for your dream lad.
  10. Well Marshall, whatever Reg you pick at the end of the day it will be the best, anymore questions ask away, best board on arrse here
  11. Yeah one more question, The regiments have recruting areas, now does it matter if im not in the recruting area of the regiment i choose? I keep getting mixed answers on this and it would be helpfull to know. I heard that if your not in the recruting area for a specific reg you have to work harder to get in, cant be true can it? Cheers for the replies, you guys have been more helpfull than my ACIO was.
  12. I wouldn't worry about the catchment area issue, just stick to your guns and you will get your regiment of choice. The important issue is, what do you want to do, Chally or Recce?
  13. I still get asked why as an Englishman I joined the SCOTS DG. People seem to worry to much about areas, it's all the BRITISH Army afterall.
  14. Thats easy to answer, They are second to none
  15. A certain Lieutenant of the RDG seemed very amused by my answer of "I like Scottish people".