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Evening all,

I've recently completed my TA training and am now classed as a 'trained soldier'.

However, the two weeks away for my CMS(R) has really opened my eyes to the career opportunities that the regular army can provide, and has only compounded my previous realisation of how truly boring civvy life is.

So, i'm looking to finish college in September and join the regulars, and after looking through various recruiting publications, i'm leaning towards either a career as a Tank Crewman, RAC, or an Armoured Engineer, RE.

I'm after a bit of information on the first of my two choices.

Do the RAC offer look at life courses? The recruiting website is a bit vague and i can't get to an AFCO until Monday. If so, I'll book onto the next available one ASAP.

Are there any tank crewman willing to offer an insight into their day to day job? What type of things did you do in training? Do you enjoy the job? Would you have changed roles with hindsight?

Obviously I realise that everyone's experiences will differ but any information I can gain would help my decision.

Kind Regards,



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