Tank crewman restrictions

Evening all.

Done selection and all that, went fine. Currently got RE as my main choice, however i am a big fan of tanks.

After more thought im thinking of changing my choice to tank crewman.

Heard there is a restriction on height of a tanks crewman but can't find any info relating to this on the armys website.

Any truth in this?

I am 6ft 4in.

Thanks in advance
None that I knew of.Good luck.


Same height as me and I had no real problems in a Chieftain. Just don't do lots of driving in the closed down position.


War Hero
At 6'4" you will be uncomfortable in anything armoured


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I am not suprised. But if i can fit in one, then ill do it.

You are of course free to choose.
I am a mighty 5'8" and I spent a lousy year banging my head constantly.

MBT's are not the future

Think again

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