Tank Crewman (Reconnaissance)

Discussion in 'RAC' started by flying_ninja, Jan 28, 2008.

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  1. I have recently been looking into careers within the army and have several questions regarding the job of a Tank Crewman (Reconnaissance).
    I have wanted to join the army for a long time, I am interested in many aspects of the army and military life, this is making it hard for me to choose a career path to follow because many different aspects seem to interest me, with this I have recently started a 12 month contract with a company which will give me plenty of time, actually more than enough time to prepare for my future.
    Originally I wanted to become either a Royal Marine or Paratrooper because I want to get involved in the combat side of the military, get involved with operational duties, not that I’m some gun-ho waltermitty and I want to lead an exciting and active lifestyle.
    I was reading some posts on forum regarding careers within the military and someone mentioned that recce units have been getting their fair share of two way ranges out on Ops in the sand pit, so I went and did some reading on the internet but there is only a small amount of resources available for me to gain information regarding the role.
    So here are my questions, they may seem unstructured and a bit of a mess, like the rest of the post, because I’m making it up as I go along.
    My first question is, what does the role entail, I have gathered that you will be apart of a self reliant team ahead of the main force gathering information and take appropriate action where necessary, but what I want to know is will this all be done from a vehicle or will you at times be out on foot on patrols?
    My second query is regarding career progression, this is not associated to rank progression but role and skills progression, for example I know Infantrymen can move on to try their hand at other things such as the Pathfinder Platoon and Special Forces, not that’s what I’m intending to do, could be an option but we won’t go into that now, and move from a rifle company to anti tank, sniper, mortars, patrols, heavy weapons and so on, so what other things could a Tank Crewman put his hand too?
    And lastly, for now until I come up with something else to ask, I have always been interested in mountaineering and “exploration” in the modern sense of the word, having never done any form of mountaineering it is something I would one day like to put my hand to, so my question is, will I gain any relative experience doing the job of a Tank Crewman (Reconnaissance)?

    Thank You very much in advance,
    I tried to keep it structured to the best of my capabilities,

    Kyle. :twisted:
  2. Well mate, it's some time since I was in but it's called Formation Recce today and units are equpped with the CVR(T) Scimitar. Armed with 30mm RARDEN cannon and co-ax, (used to be GPMP but not sure if chain gun these days).

    In my old regiment now, QDG there are only 2 of the 3 Sabre Squadrons using gun vehicles, one Sqn is on Spartan APCs in the dismounted assault (boot) troop role. May as well have joined the infantry!

    It is or used to be a good craic getting a lot more track milage than MBT regiments and you are trained, as is the whole RAC, to do every job on the vehicle ie: Driver, Gunner/Operator and eventually Commander with a massive hike in pay.

    You opt for a class one course after a couple of years, choosing to specialis in D&M, Gunnery or Radio with a view to doing an instructor's course in your fiels after getting a tape.

    There are also LRATGW vehicles in Recce regiments called CVR(T) Striker. You will learn to control the Swingfire missile and that carried class one pay too.

    I wouldn't recommend the houshold cavaly as you have to start on Nags for 2 years before becoming eligible to go on AFVs. Either way it's a good life and plenty of fun.

    Instead of just wanting Recce though, the Army recruits on a local county system. IE: If you're from Wales or the border counties, join QDG, if you're a Scouse like me then 1RTR. Don't worry about joining an MBT regiment as they also have their own Recce Tp equipped with CVR(T).

    Hope any of this helps. Good luck.

  3. Don't want to divert this too far off course, but thinking about what life would be like in the RAC/Cavalry, do regiments swap roles?

    I mean will you be in the light role on Scimitars for a few years and then convert to Challengers for the next few whilst another regiment does vice versa, or if you go Recce are you Recce for your whole career?

    I know Infantry change over every so often (although with the reorganisation I'm less sure) so wondering if the armoured side of life does too...

  4. Or if you are from South East London, join the SCOTS DG, like me... 8O

    I'm just about to log off, but if you check in tomorrow night I'll post my veiws- I'm a recce commander from an MBT regiment, so I'll give you the story from my side of the fence.

    Not now though, it's been a heavy weekend, a poorly Monday, and I need my head down.
  5. Royal Scouse Dragoon Guards..........

    Now THAT has a ring to it!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    It's been a long, long time but this is my understanding. 20 - 30 years ago regiments would rerole. Through the Cold War there were about 16 regiments, 11 on tanks and five in recce. Some regiments stayed on tanks for about ever, some inclined toward recce, and the time spent in each role varied as the suits at the top sorted it out to everybody's satisfaction.

    Since the RAC was slashed after the Cold War there are only little more than half that number. My understanding is that there are five in recce and five in tanks (but see others' comments about dismounted recce in recce regts and light squadrons in tank regts).

    Because of the costs involved in retraining (and arms plot moves around the garrisons), I understand that the musical chairs have pretty much stopped and what a regiment is now is what it will stay, and arms plot moves are well-spaced-apart.

    But I have been outside the RAC for a quarter century so what do I know?
  7. The role of Fr regiments is changing.

    The role of a fr regiment is very versatile, They work dismounted ops as well as armoured, these include CTR close target recce, to conducting O P's observation posts.
    You could find yourself tasked to conduct Lazer target marker ops. There is even talk of blokes from the regiment being sent on snipers courses.

    In the regiment at the moment you have a four sabre troops equipped with diesel scimitars. A guided weapons troop using striker cvrt equipped with guided missiles. As well as this you have support troop, trained in explosive demolitions, route denial, mine warfare as I said very versatile!

    You could perchance consider the 9th/12th Royal Lancers (prince of waless) the RAC's PREMIER FORMATION REGIMENT!!
  8. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Another phantom post :D :?
  9. Thank you for your replies.
    Any more will be appreciated.
  10. Hate to butt into an RAC forum, but CVR(T) Striker and Swigfire are no longer in service and have been replaced with the Javelin anti-tank guided missile system.
  11. What was? By who? Someone squeak??? 8O :?

  12. I second that
  13. Alright forgive me for being unversed in matters armoured here but I'm just looking to see how the Scimitar regiments work. Cheers Alien for clearing up that units are settled down and don't swap around like infantry do (or is that 'did' now?)...

    If you join a Scimitar regiment will you find yourself doing dismounted work quite a lot? Or is it a capability but in practice you stick with the veh almost all the time? As it'd be good stuff to have the variety in there, half of the time dismounted as infantry would be, half the time as AFV crew. I imagine itd be a similar existence to being Armoured Infantry in that way...

    I thought Scimitar regiments were used to complement light role inf in the same way that Chally complements Warrior... such as infantry support and having a crack at any vehicles the light role inf would come across. Is this how it works, or are you more likely to be scouting ahead for Warrior and Challys in a heavy brigade?

    Apologies if there are some bone questions in there, just trying to get a feel for what the RAC does.

  14. The role of formation recce is to provide a recce screen up to 100 k ahead of the forward edge of battle.
  15. Mate, both my lads are in the Infantry. Until recently they were an armoured battalion. If you are vehicle CREW, ie Driver, Gunner, Commander, then you do not dismount. Only the grunts in the back or DISMOUNTS, de-bus and fight on foot.

    Armoured infantry also do not need light tank support as the Warrior is equipped with the same main armament as Scimitar, the 30mm RARDEN cannon.

    In recent moves, the MoD decided that the Infantry would no longer complete arms plot moves or re-role so therefore if you are light, you stay light. If you are in Catterick, you will more than likely stay there forever. There are exceptions like Cyprus commitments.

    Lastly (a bit tongue in cheek) the Three Quarter Lancers are generally regarded as THE worst RAC regiment to be in. Nothing to do with their professionalism but rather their bullshit.