Tank Commander by Ronald Welch

I found this while digging through some of my stuff round at my parents and am re-reading it after about twenty five years. Although supposedly a kids book it's still a cracking read and pulls very few punches in describing the fighting on the Western Front. I can't imagine finding it in many school libraries today though.

What books do you remember that you just wouldn't find kids today reading?
I've read this & lost it long ago. It's very good on the outbreak of the war & the opening rounds in France. It's part of a series about a family at arms from the Crusades to WW1. I read some of the others\at school circa 1977, but as you say, I bet there aren't many left these days.
Out of curiosity I had a look on e-bay and there was a copy for sale for sixty quid. If only I'd bought the whole series.


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Having owned (and lost) this as a kid, I bought a copy off ebay. Its worth looking 'worldwide' as I got a first edn hardback from a Kiwi library for about 30 quid - about half the going price in Uk. Still a top read!

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Da Vinci code, excellent for young kids and well worth providing to any catholic mates as part of the whole conversion 'your church is evil' stuff.

And of course American Psycho if they are naughty...
have read most of them in my school library today! - but then again its not bad library.
Both the Gauntlet and Bowman of Crecy were released in paperback about ten years ago so there quite easy to find.
Them aside the one i really would reccomend you try and track down is For the King about the English Civil war which is excellant.

P.S. If anyone wants a first edition copy of the Galleon then PM me.
He (Ronald Welch) must have been a prolific author. There are more than a few of his books for sale on Amazon.

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