Tangye, Sandbag & Dirtbag Adoption

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by AnotherMum, Jan 10, 2010.

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  1. Having read this Save Tangye the dog ,an established Labrador rescue have said they would be willing to start a campaign to help Tangye.

    Obviously, don't want to jump in with both feet if fund raising etc has been started. If indeed it has, perhaps someone would post further information.

    And if I've posted this in the wrong place, I'll go kick myself up the backside :oops: .

    Edit to add:

    And again to add update on FaceBook
    Natalie Pomroy Having spoken to someone who rescues dogs from Romania to the UK with regards to getting him out and the procedure to do so we have looked at various routes, such as bringing him in via Europe where he would have to spend 6mths in a rescue kennels and go via the Pet passport route to the UK or we can ask Nowzad to sta...rt the 6mth quarantine in Helmund or we bring him straight to the UK, but it seems the easiest is to put him in Quarantine in the UK, we are looking to start fundraising for this, we need to look at costs and logisitics so any help there welcome, but roughly £5K is needed at least.

    Edit to add

    Charity Auction to raise Tangye funds

    And again edited to add another link because I don't want to get shot down for bumping the thread!

    Tangye's Donation Page

    Yet again an edit for update:

    Raised so far: £710.00 + Gift Aid 102.95

    * Total raised online: £665.00
    Offline donations: £45.00
    Gift Aid plus supplement: £102.95

    Thank you for donations received so far, so many are being wonderfully generous to bring about Tangye's retirement.

    It has been mentioned about another dog, Charlie who kept company a couple of years ago but unsure of his fate? Perhaps someone here knows?

    Update 20.07

    Total raised online: £1,080.00
    Offline donations: £45.00
    Gift Aid plus supplement: £204.49

    Plus a donation 5 UK Armed Forces Veterans Coins posted by AL, who I think must be a member here, to be Auctioned on the CoinAuctionPage, the 5 winning bids can tell us what they want engraved on the back.

    Thank you once again for donating, less than twelve hours and over 1k.

    The A3 detailed chalk pastel study highest bid stands at £110.00. Feel free to outbid. We want to get this fabulous dog to the UK so he can have a happy retirement, the very least he deserves. :D
  2. Sorry for commiting the cardinal sin of bumping own thread but help is requested please.

    Natalie Pomroy We are desperately trying to get hold of the lads in Kajaki, if anyone has any contacts please ask them to get in touch with either NOWZAD or myself. Tangyes FaceBook Page

    Failing that, a PM would do.

    Thank you for all donations received so far, we're well on for getting Tangye back to the UK.

    Monies received in less than 24hours via Tangye's JustGiving page stand at £1,327.00 plus the GiftAid supplement.

    * Total raised online: £1,282.00
    Offline donations: £45.00
    Gift Aid plus supplement: £261.46

    Further funds will be added once the two ongoing auctions have closed.

    Please spread the word about Tangye.
  3. Can't he just be kept at the FOB?
  4. " we have looked at various routes, such as bringing him in via Europe where he would have to spend 6mths in a rescue kennels and go via the Pet passport route to the UK or we can ask Nowzad to sta...rt the 6mth quarantine in Helmund or we bring him straight to the UK, but it seems the easiest is to put him in Quarantine in the UK"

    The 'instant' route used to be via Ireland? Doesn't this work any more? Recently a rescue dog was fast tracked due to duties (I think). Isn't this dog militarily the same? Push for it, add him officially to the strength under 'dogs of war', give him a rank - probably better qualified than some of the 'dogs' already in :roll:

  5. Ah, Tangye. Gave away our position a few times but what a great dog.

    Taliban intercept - "I can see the dog. They will be near."

    One minute later - very accurate incoming direct fire. The 7 "S"s don't include "tell the dog to STAY".

    I can't imagine it will take long to find a home for him. If my personal circumstances were different I'd take him myself.
  6. According to the news reports, the men of C Company, 3rd Battalion The Rifles, want to find Tangye a home in the UK. As another way of showing support, we want to make it happen :D .

    Thank you for the suggestion no.9, will be looking for further info on that. I expect for Tangye to be declared, red tape would be involved or is there a simpler way?

    There have been so many offers to give Tangye a home which is wonderful. The rescue will find him a fabulous home where he can enjoy the rest of his days.
  7. If he can be forgiven for being the red rag to a bull and giving your position away a few times, would you think he was deserving of a Dickin Medal? this is the RSPCA animal equivalent of a Victoria Cross, one story that is similar to that of Tangye's is the boost to morale effect an animal going through the same as the lads on the ground patrolling can have on them.

    An earlier Recipient of the Dickin Medal was a Captain's Cat called Simon who was a rat-catcher on the HMS Amethyst. The ship came under attack on the Yangtze River in China, it was holed and the captain killed. The ship was then trapped ... by the Chinese for 100 days before they managed to make it to freedom. In times of terrible uncertainty, Simon's recovery from his own injuries and presence on the ship gave the remaining crew companionship and a reason to keep going.

    I think going by a lot of people's accounts (Tangye was wounded while out on patrol and was a constant morale booster) would you guys who witnessed him out on patrol with you agree he could be put up for the Dickin Medal? I think it would need a few citations from yourselves and maybe others who had him on patrol with them over the years.
  8. Sounds appropriate. Even thinking back now it brings a smile to my face. A good companion on the lonely nights on the Kajaki peaks. Always felt safer when Tangye was out there looking out for Terry with us.
  9. Update 12:07

    Natalie Pomroy: Nothing new to report this end, its still a waiting game, all the mechanisims are in place this end in the UK, we are in constant contact with NOWZAD via email and now its up the 'lads'

    Raised so far: £1,537.00

    Total raised online: £1,492.00
    Offline donations: £45.00
    Gift Aid plus supplement: £310.82
  10. The_Swede,

    Would you be able to get your former Sect Comd/Platooon Sgt/CSgt/TC/OC/CO/CSM (basically any one or more JNCO's & or SNCO's/Officers) to put together some kind of official citation for Tangye? The RSPCA has details on their Website for the Medal, any citations would need to be sent to them.
  11. Have you tried The Sun Newspaper? It has all the ingredients they look for in a story and they could well publicise your campaign. You may have done this already, if not, go for it. Even if they just run it as a story, you'll get plenty of support if you make sure that the methods of donation are displayed.
  12. The media will run with the appeal when the FaceBook group is bigger:

    Natalie Pomroy We need to get more Facebook members, the newspapers will then pick up on the appeal so I am told, so tell your friends and get them to tell their friends.

    On a more positive note, Raised so far: £2,015.00
    Total raised online: £1,970.00
    Offline donations: £45.00
    Gift Aid plus supplement: £425.90

    The auctions running have bids of £150:00 for the A3 Detailed Chalk Pastel

    and a further £95:00 5 UK Armed Forces Veterans Coins, kindly donated by Al, the highest five bidders each receiving a coin. Further details here.

    An old newspaper article in which Tangye is mentioned has been brought over to the FaceBook Group

    Suddenly the camp's faithful dog Tangye - a stray who has adopted the Marines and accompanies them on every patrol - trots forward cheerfully to see what all the fuss is about, sniffing the ground as he wanders into the minefield.

    Before anyone can stop him he is just a few feet from Marine Matt Dirling.
    The CSM has stop...ped smiling and is screaming at the Marine: 'Stand still, mate.'

    The Sergeant Major and his colleagues try desperately to turn the dog back, whistling and gesticulating. One Marine half raises his rifle towards the dog.

    Tangye seems puzzled, but after a few seconds turns around and trots back 50 yards towards the nearest Land Rover.
    There is a collective sigh of relief. Matt Girling returns to his work.

    The full article is to be found here.

    A comment on the donation page made me realise how dusty my monitor is.

    Five years on the front line,definitely deserves to be stood down and take it easy.

    Thank for taking the time to read the update, spreading the word,donating and for being a damned fine bunch that haven't given this old bat a bucketload of ribbing! :eek:

    Edit to request please

    Would anyone be able/willing to advise how to get contact with The 3rd Rifles please. A PM would be great if deemed something not the thing to post on the board.

    Thank you :D

    Edited to add updates, 12:00hrs 12/01/10 :

    Natalie Pomroy NOWZAD is still waiting to hear back from Kajaki

    Natalie Pomroy I know many of you are receiving emails now about this group, the power of the internet is an amazing thing, please please keep nudging/naggin/spamming people, not only are we helping Tangye we are helping our troops by giving them peace of mind that we are watching the news, we do know what is happening and we are trying to do our little bit to help

    Bids for the A3 Pastel Drawing donated by Tarimoor Art stand at £150:00

    Bids for the coins have so far, attracted bid of £120:01. The 5 coins have been donated by Al and the top five bidders will each receive 1 engraved UK Armed Forces Veterans Coin.

    A new auction has been opened for a drawing , donated by Karen Hartnell . The bids are currently at £70:00. Feel free to bid! :D

    Tangye's JustGiving donations stand at:

    Raised so far: £2,188.00

    Total raised online: £2,143.00
    Offline donations: £45.00
    Gift Aid plus supplement: £463.97

    Yet again, thank you for spreading the word, for donating and for reading the updates. :D
  13. Oh dear, I appear to have bumped this thread by mistake :oops: mea culpa
  14. How's the coin auction going, when does it close?
  15. Tut tut, naughty boy.

    The coin auction has ended, realsing a total of £120:01 but because sometimes, I'm a very nice person, should someone want to match my winning bid on Tangye's Donation page, I'm quite prepared to donate my coin. :D

    Now the all important updates:

    More photos have been added to Tangye's FB. Needless to say, more would be welcomed along with stories about Tangye and his other four legged companions. What is it with AK's ears?

    Other Auctions:

    The A3 pastel by Karen Hartnell , stand at £200:00.

    A second pastel by Tarimoor Art stand at £150:00

    New auctions running, courtesy of NOWZAD

    Two signed publications to be auctioned, the funds to go towards helping bring Tangye, and any other dogs to the UK where they can have a safe home.

    So, first up is 'One Dog at a Time', the story of Nowzad, the Afghan dog that started the campaign. Bidding at £30:00

    Auction Linky

    And the follow up story, 'No Place Like Home', the winner will receive a signed copy before the offical release!! Bids can be placed
    here ,currently at £31:00

    If you want to place a bid without posting on Labrador Forums, please send me a message or email Joanne at joanne@tarimoorart.co.uk, and she will place a bid on your behalf, and keep you up to date with bidding. She'll also update the current bid status.

    Tangye'sJustGiving donations:

    Raised so far: £2,437.00
    Total raised online: £2,392.00
    Offline donations: £45.00
    Gift Aid plus supplement: £517.28

    Thank you for reading the update.

    Edited to add, and you'll be those that can help with this, us civvy lot can't!

    Citations have been requested by the PDSA for Tangye, read this link . Please anyone who can help with getting 2 separate citations written up to put Tangye forward for a PDSA Dickin Medal.

    And if you can't be bothered with the link:

    Message from the PDSA, obviously Tangye wasn't an AES Dog with the military but was embedded with the Infantry in their camp, this will need a couple of Citations written up by Units who witnessed him out on patrol with them, can anyone here sort this out?

    Letter from PDSA:

    Many thanks for your email. Apologies for not getting back to yousooner but currently we have a large amount of nominations to processwhich I think is a sign of the times.

    PDSA would very much welcome a nomination for Tangye and would requiretwo citations detailing his work with the British Infantry in Helmandprovince. Ideally, we'd require a citation from Tangye's handler andone from the Commanding Officer.

    PDSA has several on-going nominations for Arms and Explosive Search dogs most of whom have been submitted by the Royal Army Veterinary Corps, Iwas about to contact them to see if they had details of Tangye's handlerso that we can get the nomination process moving. Do you have anycontacts that might be able to help or shall I pursue the RAVC line? I would like to point out that once the nomination is in progress itdoes take a while before a decision is made. PDSA's Council sit threetimes a year to discuss the nominations but I would like to reassure youthat we do take every nomination seriously. Before we can submit anomination to Council we do need the supporting paperwork to accompanythe nomination in order for our Council to make their decision. I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your interest. With best wishes, Gill