What's the general opinion on TA personnel using the TANET system? I've been into some unit admin offices that have big signs on the TANET PC saying "No TA Personnel to use".

Seems a bit strange calling something "Territorial Army" Network then forbidding anyone in the Territorial Army from using it...but then perhaps its more aimed at the admin people anyway?
I was just wondering how widespread the practice of only having the PSAO's computer connected to TANET is? This effectively denies you access on a drill night...

Same at my unit.

I have access to it at work and its very useful. The TA staff at Blanford used to produce a very good TA cd, it contained most of the RSS pams and useful powerpoint presentations. This is now only available on TANET/RLI.
Would love to be allowed to touch the telly on the desk with the flashing lights but that is PSAO special magic spells. Apparently it is to protect us from someone tampering with pay information - what because we don't know how much we are paid anyway! More likely they are paranoid that someone who is not an admin idiot with marginally more ability than being able to press the on button will work out how to get round their security!
Apparently Regt/Bn HQs have a shared faster connection to TANet (must be ISDN or something...) but sub-units only have the dialup. Having said that, one or two subunits do have additional terminals connected.

What makes me laugh is that things like ARCADE, the new recruiting management system, are only available through TANet, yet unit recruiting staff aren't allowed to use it...

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