tanearyou.org.uk - Where has it gone?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Always_a_Rifleman, Apr 25, 2009.

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  1. The TA near you website still appears in Google search results but I just get a page cannot be displayed error.

    I've may have been away for a while but I can't find any reference to it being removed so does anybody know what's happened to this very useful site?

  2. Thanks MB,

    Just doing a trawl to make sure unit details were up to date.

    I hope it's back up soon as it was a pretty good site by all accounts.

  3. It's a damn useful resource - If the site creator has an issue with hosting I'll gladly host it free gratis - PM me. Would be a shame to let it go.
  4. PMs on their way, gennulmen.
  5. Which is so out of date that you need a candle to read the quill written parchment...
  6. Apologies for the thread resurrection, but, the tanearyou website admin appears to have been bought back to life.

    I sent an email requesting detail updates and he replied within minutes, changes were made within the hour.

    If its anyone on here then ta very much.
  7. Hello all, tanearyou.org.uk admin here, very much alive and kicking, however work, kids etc. tend to take the majority of my time these days, although I will try and respond to e-mails (info@tanearyou.org.uk) reasonably quickly.

    The big army website shake-up sort of threw things out so would appreciate any help you can offer by reviewing your unit's website, running it past your Recruiting Team, ROSO or PSAO and coming back to me with any amendments you need. We get about 5 enquiries a week by e-mail so the site does work.

    On a separate note, I see that the TA isn't really represented on Twitter / Facebook (although I don't do FB that much so that's a bit of a wild assumption...) - anyone want to help on the 'social media' side of things?

    Any questions, suggestions etc. drop me a line either by PM or the e-mail address above.

    Cheers, D.
  8. Not sure that is correct. A fair proportion of TA soldiers have an image of themselves posing in green as their profile picture, along with 'Works at British Army' as their 'job'. Either they are completely oblivious to PERSEC, idiots or a combination of the two.

    There are plenty of FB groups too albeit at a low level (e.g. recruit cadre 'keep in touch' type groups). In contrast LinkedIn has a thriving TA group. Personally, I would personally never mention I was a STAB purely out of shame. It's something I try not to mention to people.

    Good site by the way, i remember using it when I joined.
  9. You've killed off the polar Sqn?
  10. Had to be done mate, we have to recruit with up to date info, polar sqn lives on, don't worry on that score.
  11. I find it helps when you have something to back you up. "I volunteered for a year to go to Afghanistan" usually gives people a better idea of the commitment some TA soldiers have.

    Battle wounds also get you chicks......apparently.