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Tandem Parachute Jump for Combat Stress!

Hey all

I'm one of the girls who's doing the jump, so I guess I should say a bit about who I am and why I'm doing it.

Yes I am a civvy, but I have a lot to do with one of the forces *coughRAFcough*. I'm a member at E-goat and by being a member there I joined in the attempts to get planning permission for the house at Greys Lane, sending letters ect and trying to get more Civvy support. I'm part of the Broken Covenant campaign at the moment as well. I work for Morrisons as one of their Frist Aiders (HI to the TA guy who trained me, I know he mentioned ARRSE when we chatted)

I'm trying to get more civvy support for all our forces, bring to mind how much sacrifice is being made by our brave service men and women. Those who are injured, whether phyiscally or mentally, tend to be forgotten by the public, they should be remembered just as much as those who have died.

I am asking for sponsorship for doing a 10,000ft tandem skydive to raise funds for Combat Stress. They help and care for ex-servicemen and women who have suffered mental trauma through conflict

I hope you can help, thanks

LQ xxxx
Giving this a bit of a bump

We're hoping to do the jump on November 10th, weather permitting. So far we've raised £220 online and over £700 offline, we want more sponsors though, our aim is to raise £1500 for Combat Stress.

To sponsor us, go to skydive and remember to choose the gift aid option

Thanks LQ

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