Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Titan06, Aug 9, 2008.

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  1. How can i get ahold of a book of TAMS?
  2. That depends on who you are.
  3. If you need one. You'll get one issued.

    Simple Really :roll:
  4. L/CPL 4 Med Regt
  5. Join the army, become an NCO and get issued one
  6. Not when you gety told these none availible and no budget for things like that.
  7. Titan - if you need them, but don't know how to obtain them, then I am worried. Have you checked eBay?
  8. Did join the army, did become an nco... cant get one............ pay attention
  9. All i can see is a bunch of losers with no life sitting at their computer for hours, replying to people to get their post numbers up, but never posting productive answers...... one word for that.
  10. Thanks for your understanding Titan - who have you requested them from within your CoC - methinks, somebody is fecking you off at the high port?

    Aren't they still issued with the EBB?
  11. Or you could phone the ITC Warminster and ask them nicely to mail you a copy.
  12. They used to be issued, i transfered, lost my tams, but this unit says theyre unavailible. So i need to find them by alternate means? Is there any form of download documents on intranet?
  13. Pretty sure that MSR will reply to this and tell you if / where you can download from, other than that, a call to ITC is a good route - or, use your contacts in your old mob. Does 4 Med Regt not have a library you can draw a copy from?