I am looking for a full set of TAMS no i cant go to the QM because im a cadet thanks
Kids just don't try these days! When I was a cadet, if we wanted something gucci, we would skillfully acquire it... not fecking ask someone for it!
I've got one, and a spare. Both outdated copied people so nothing illegal going on here. Since you are Mercian too I'm guessing you're near me. If you get some paper to print it off on an a file (both available online) I can print you one off. PM me with your location.
A TAM is just that, a Tactical AIDE MEMOIR, therefore as a cadet you will not have done any/much of the training the TAM is applicable to. Stick to MSRs E-Nirex it is a good one.
It's easier than making your own orders!

It's fine putting the effort in and making your own, but its better putting the effort in and scrounging some gucci kit!
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