Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by airbornerob, Jan 13, 2008.

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  1. probably been brought up 100 times before but very hard to get hold of in sigs! any ideas as to how i can get my hands on some?
  2. Depends how many you are after.
  3. Depends where your posted at mate, I know for a fact that 21 sigs have got sh*t loads of TAMs
  4. If your Trg Wing don't have copies to give out ask them to order more in.
    I know for a fact this is a simple procedure having done it twice.

    If this is outside your time scope for needing them then I can't advise without knowing where you are geographically, but am willing to help once I do know.
    Failing that, I can mail you a Jan 05 Edition and you could "copy" the numbers you need if it's just for teaching purposes.
  5. Dragonscales, that was what I was saying.

    I have some, but limited.

    They are quite hard to get hold of (sometimes) because of ongoing Ops.

    If anyone needs one, PM me and I will sort you out as best I can.

  6. Is he not still set up out side the camp in Bulford then?

    D'ye want chilli sauce wi that?

    Oh sorry there's the door with the taxi driver holding me coat. :blush:
  7. Who says they are hard to get hold of. I managed to order 40 copies and they came through about 4 weeks later its not that difficult. If you want the number for the office just give me a PM.
  8. Airbornerob, did you receive any ABI after P Coy?

    Go to the Trg Wing and ask to sign out a copy. There, that wasn't too taxing for one of the Brotherhood was it?