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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by LCPL_Bull, Jul 13, 2008.

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  1. if anybody has got a set of pre-printed in folder TMs or any infantry Pamplets going spare could you please PM me.
    NB: For Cadet Purposes only
    Thanks LCPL_Bull
  2. Why the fcuk do spotty cadets need tams ? There are only 2 people at my tAC that have TAMs and thats the boss and the bosses evil side kick. Why should cadets need them ?
  3. The information contained in TAM's (or AATAM as it is now) and other publications of a military nature are RESTRICTED, to those who need to use such material.

    You are a cadet and therefore don't!!! :x

    Mr Angry is back after a long time, and boy, does it feel good!!!!
  4. Bless him, he just wants to look "Ally" in front of his Cadet Friends! Why don't you ask your Cadet Instr's, i'm sure with their Operational Experience they would be able to teach you TAM headings.

    Or does TAM mean " Training Away from Mother" In the Cadets?
  5. No MMS im not trying to look "Ally" in front of anyone i just find that some parts in the AATAMS are very usefull as a Master cadet we have to make orders and other things which are contained in this publication. Therefore it is well worth having one.
    and on a final note my uncle an ex assualt pionneer with staffs regiment now an AI has agreed that they would be usefull to have a copy and in no way would it ake me look ally. :pissedoff:

  6. ooooh get him
  7. yeah? Well my uncle's a mental bloke who shouts at pigeons in the park and he reckons you don't need them.
  8. msr

    msr LE