Two little boys walked into a chemists. "May I help you?," asked the assistant. "We'd like a box of Tampax, please," replied the older boy.

"Is it for your mother?," the assistant asked. "No," the boy replied.

"Oh, then it must be for your big sister." said the curious assistant.

"No, it's for my little brother," the older boy replied enthusiastically. "We heard on TV that if you use Tampax you can swim and ride a bike and he can't do either one yet."
Krissy why not go to the new members section and introduce yourself?
Seems reasonable and if he wants a face full of cock I'm free this weekend.

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Jarrod mate, you are incorrigible !!
Reckon he'd fit in lovely.

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i reckon you may be right. Is the ginger one away?
Indeed but I shall shortly be busying myself in Ibiza.

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sounds good! I am back In Saigon but will be in honkers shortly.

we've derailed the thread so:
teacher asks the class for the meaning of "predator". Little Johnny shouts out "vibrator, miss". No says the teacher, a predator is an animal that eats other animals. Well, says Johnny, my sisters got a vibrator and she says it fucking eats batteries!
Yet another Frankenflanged life failure has blessed us with it's presence.
Erm, it's username ends in CD which suggests cross dressing rather than full on transexualism, so I suspect that it's still got a cock.

Er, wait... why the fuck do I know that?

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