Do you mean the TA eMK1 or the full MK1 package?

The TA eMK1 hasn't been released yet, as far as I know.

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Perhaps if we ask Barbs nicely, he'll update us on his last post:

barbs said:
An extract from something crossing my inbox:


1. TA eMK1. The aim of TA eMK1 is to deliver the underpinning military knowledge required by TA junior captains. It will provide officers with an understanding of the Battle Group (BG) and the context within which it operates to enhance initial appointments in command and to provide the necessary grounding for JOTAC attendance. TA eMK1 will consist of a mandatory 20 hour web-based distance learning package, followed by a formal online assessment. Successful completion of the TA eMK1 formal assessment will be mandatory for attendance on JOTAC. TA eMK1 will be based on the Regular eMK1 course but will consist only of those elements considered essential education for the TA officer. The remainder of the Regular eMK1 course will remain available for reference only and will not be assessed. The mandatory assessed and reference only modules of TA eMK1 are shown at Appendix 1.

2. Mentor Support. Commanders will be required to nominate a mentor for each MK student within their unit. The role of the mentor is to oversee the student’s learning, providing guidance, encouragement and assistance as necessary. Support for mentors will continue to be provided online with the MK courseware and second line support from the Defence Academy MK Help Desk. The mentoring regime implemented will clearly be a matter for the chain of command, but models include commanders mentoring their own subordinates, commanders nominated to specialise in individual MK parts/subjects or an individual nominated to mentor a small group of officers. The MK material has been developed to stand-alone and the mentor therefore acts primarily to support and encourage officers, rather than to tutor or teach. However, the development of a MK Mentoring Plan, with RF chain of command support, will be strongly advised.

3. Additional Notes

a. It is planned that TA Officers will be paid for 20hrs for completing MK1; they can also claim for travel to a suitable site for internet access. DII will increase computer facilities in TA Centres and enable access to eMK. There will also be an interactive CD ROM to enable officers to work offline.

b. Mentors will also have their own on-line or CD ROM package. Their role is not to impart subject matter, but instead to support and encourage.
Furthermore an application has been made for a TA officer post in each RTC to act as ROCC(V)/CLM(V) mentor.