Builds Tamiya 1/35 Cromwell


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I’m seeing Eric on the 16th for the club AGM. He’s binning his RFD license. I wonder if he’s going to to let any more goodies go? Glad you are getting some enjoyment from yours. Can’t remember what Mk and year yours was?

I’m shooting on the 23rd which is my last shoot of the year. I’m getting new hip on the 7th December - the good news is the new technology means I will run a d ski again - assuming the spine isn’t fecked. Consultant appointment tomorrow……won’t be shooting again until the spring by the looks of things - assuming the spine is OK……

I’m sure we can grab a beer if we are both at Bisley the same day If I’m not completely fecked.
1915 No1 Mk3, a bitza rifle, that Eric had put together after it had been chipped in half. I was shooting it down at Hythe last Saturday at 300m. Please give Eric my best!
Thought you might like to see these, dragged ashore on DDay.
I too will miss you Si. Where is 'Brit modeller' - the web thing or the FaceArse gadget?

I want to see the finished Wokka!

ETA - I feel your pain (literally) as I'm waiting for a 2 for the price of 1 spinal op for spondolytis and scoliosis. Going to buy a Type 45 model for rehab!