Tamiya 1/25 Scale Centurion

Well, Guys, I was going to wait until mid January to open the Box but
you know what it's like!!!!!
The other Turret in the photo is my latest project- Tamiya 1/35 Tiger 1
this will be based on a 1 SS Panzer Div 'Leibstandarte' Veh. in the
Ardennes Campaign and it's there just to show the size of the Cent.


IMG_0002.jpg IMG_0003.jpg IMG_0004.jpg IMG_0006.jpg IMG_0005.jpg
You dirty beast! Posting porn like that without a warning.


'Ere, that's a bloody posh sh*d!
Carpets, a table with no sawmarks on the edge...
How the other half live.
Cent, just checked the instructions, full Drivers Area with Tillers etc. but no Drivers
Harness(safety) was it like a 432 one ie over both shoulders clipped together at the
belt buckle, shouldn't be too difficult to scratch one, cheers in advance.
When will the Tiger be ready? Sorry to sound unpatriotic, but the Tiger was just so much sexier than the Centurion...:drool:
Gun Barrel will be cleaned up next with wet n dry, hopefully by next w/e, problem
I've got is that I spend a good deal of time away running Drivers CPC Courses, so
time at home is a bonus.
It's my Birthy very soon, I keep dropping the hint about the 1/25 Tiger, so far it's
falling on deaf ears but I live in hope.....now that really will be a BIG sod!
Arters -- I don't think any Tiger 1's made an appearance in the Ardennes old son. Tiger II's, plenty!
Me thinks thou art wrong, 1 SS were equipped with both 1 and 2(King Tiger) all
4 of the Kampfgruppe were commanded by Joachim Peiper who's personal Tank
was a King Tiger and doing half a mile to the gallon it is easy to understand why
the capture of the US Fuel dumps was so important, anyway, it's my farrgin
Tiger so MINE was in the Ardennes:tongue:
When will the Tiger be ready? Sorry to sound unpatriotic, but the Tiger was just so much sexier than the Centurion...:drool:
You do not sound unpatriotic. We have a word for this, it is called "wrong"
The Centurion is the classic of all classic tank designs!
Can I wear it in Berlin? IMG_0008.jpg
Don´t see why not(I don´t have a problem with history) the SS isn´t the "Illegal form"
I´d be more wary wearing anything from Thor Steiner or a t´shirt with 88 or 18 on it!
Already done it, Mate.
Nobody batted an eyelid except in Weimar, got some funny looks bimbling round
IIRC, there was a version of that shirt worn by German troops serving in Afghanistan; it included the caption, "Grandfather never made it this far East."

And they say the Germans don't have a sense of humor!:applaud:
You are right a mate of mines got one!
Some of them have a wicked sense of humor!

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