Tamil demonstrators,time for the boot?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Le_addeur_noir, Apr 20, 2009.

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  1. At present there is an ongoing demo outside Parliament by protesters supporting the Tamil Tigers.

    What has this to do with Britain?,and IMHO the boy Milibrand should keep his nose out of it.After all,it's not as if Britain has not enough of it's own problems to deal with without stiching her nose in a country some 5,000 miles away that has no value to us.

    Several Tamil exiles in Britain are involved in illegal activities supporting the terrorist Tamil Tigers(one was convicted last week).

    In addition several Tamil exiles have been convicted for benefit and credit card fraud.

    IMHO,time for a belated clampdown.

  2. If they care that much then we should help them find themselves an airline ticket.
    They can go home and sort their own festering mess out, not our problem.
  3. Well, regarding protests, on another topic on Arrse, there are numerous posters complaining about how 'rough' our police force is.

    In fact our national forces are the least violent of the Europe's police forces (excepting maybe Luxembourg?)

    Perhaps it is this fact that encourages various whining groups to come to the UK moaning about 'injustice' in their own countries.

    The Kurds, Tamils, anti-Israel brigade, Al-Q/Muslim apologists et all need a good dose of extendable baton and size 10 DMS to show them that we are NOT a soft touch and a good location for their bloody bleating.
  4. I am tired of people from former colonies bringing their problems here. Ceylon became independent sixty years ago, it's their problem. And as previously indicated you take a chance using your credit card in some petrol station because of fraud by Tamils. we have our own problems.

    Although, if Gordon can save the World by his fiscal policy then I can see the demonstrators point in that stopping their war would not be too difficult.
  5. In this instance, they are protesting peacefully - at the moment. They are not damaging property, not causing mass disruption to the running and commerce of the city and not throwing their collective weight about against police lines.

    If the Police reacted in the manner you advocate to break up the demonstration, we would have another thread started by the likes of dangerous dave a la G20 Thread.

    Just an observation.
  6. Good. The police should give them an unholy shoeing CRS style. All of them, women and kids too. Hopefully then the message would spread that this OUR country an that we don't care about their issues.

    WE have the right to demonstrate, the right to block up Parliament Square and the right to get battered by angry, snarling 6' coppers - because we are British.
  7. They are still supporting a terrorist organization, therefore guilty with association so just shoot the cnuts...personally I like Sri Lanka, but these arrseholes like most musilms want a bit of land for themsleves and will kill any body that disagrees :wink:
  8. According to the London traffic reports they were disrupting traffic in Parliament Square and Whitehall. A bit more disruption than the man in his hut was causing.
  9. Do you mean Brian Haw?
  10. No LBC. The demo was the subject of a 'phone - in. Not much support apart from other Tamils.

  11. Brian Haw is the protester who has been living outside parliament for the past few years. I'm not suree that he has a radio show either.
  12. Sorry, feeling a bit frivolous on this spring morning.

    A bit of a scruffy set up but I always like the thought that someone was free to sit outside the'Mother of Parliaments' and protest under the noses of the MP's. But of course we know where their noses or snouts are buried now.
  13. Do you mean other than shipping a million of the little fellas to Sri Lanka to build railways to join the other million that were already working for the British raj on our tea and rubber plantations and whatnot? And when we decided that actually we would rather like the brown chaps to have a go, we left the tamils, who we had, in effect engendered with feelings of servitude and a lower class status to that of the Singhalese natives.

    Fast forward 30 years and the Tamils decide they would rather fancy a strip of their own land and decide that a rather novel way of doing this would be to twatthe obsolute fuck out of anything that moved.

    So in short, it has about as much to do with Britain as Belgium has to do with Rwanda's national sport of hacking each others heads open every twenty odd years.
  14. The barstewards are here too(Canada) at Parliament flying terrorist flags and hunger striking. I personally hope they all expire from all the BobbySandswiches they are hoovering at present. Also, ever notice Tamils are probably bar none the ugliest race of people on Earth? Just an observation
  15. Flagrantviolator. Sorry to learn that you are being pestered for the sins of the English. I have to agree with your last point. Being ugly is a priviledge which should not be abused. Perhaps that is why they receive little support for their cause. (abusing the priviledge, not being ugly).