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Tamil Demo kicks off - Westminster

'Spontaneous' Tamil Demo for a ceasefire on the way now in Westminster.3000+ involved Speed of demo appears to have taken Police by surprise, some scuffles.

Police say they're having trouble containing the demo and organising a response as there is no one prepared to say they are in charge, and no pre-announcements the Demo was to take place.

There you go you G20 fairies, old school demonstrating.
Just popped my head out of the window to look. Nice sunny day, plenty of tourists about, traffic running normally, no sound of scuffles, or general rioting. The only unusual thing is that there are a few ambulances parked up outside the Treasury. The tube station is open again now, too.

Will let you know if anything does kick off, tho.


Book Reviewer
You should take care. On current form the protestors will surround a whole load of civvies to use as human shields to save their own skins whilst one or two will sneak off and carry out suicide bombings.

Sympathy with aims - high
Sympathy with methods - nil


Book Reviewer
A ceasefire would be handy before they are finally beaten militarily. Give them time to rearm and regroup.

Or..... The Sri Lankans could just slaughter the terrorist swine.

Anyone got photos if theres a good punchup brewing?
Think they have llearned this form the Kurds in Germany I was coming back from a detail at Hannover airport in 94 when suddenly all the cars in front drew line abreast then stopped happened on the north bound lane as well. They all got out and blocked off the motorway few more mates in the rear joined them.
IIRC they caused around 20miles of tailback within the few hours they blocked off the road


Book Reviewer
That's the point. This lot have been happy not protesting during decades of conflict and only now they're protesting for a ceasefire when it's about o be endex. Silly beggers should have stuck to the previous ceasefire agreement.

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