TAMB May 9-11

Homunculus said:
Heard in passing that this board has been cancelled due to a lack of numbers. Can anyone in the know shed any light on the matter?
This has happened before. The main board before mine was cancelled, so the course I was on was oversubscribed. Book yourself onto the next course, if you wait until the summer it will be full because of the large number of OTC OCdts wanting to go to RMAS in September.
Managed to get a place on one of the June board. Word is that some top brass have kicked up a fuss and are looking to get the board reinstated. My RTC alone was looking to send 10+.
Hmm, we had about four booked on that one...

You think AOSB would actually tell me that its been cancelled?! I heard it second hand through someone that was down at Westbury at the weekend.
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