Evening gents,

I'm trying to get my hands on my own personal TAM. As during all my lessons the instructors keep referring to them and saying things like "it's all in the TAMs lads." yet never actually give us any, and when i go to ask its like rocking horse s**t.

If anyone has any help then cheers.

If not thanks for looking!

Make sure you get one through the system properly rather than 'acquiring' one. If you don't legitimately get one you won't receive the amendments. This is not too much of a problem with the TAM, but when people acquire Pam 21s and other safety critical pamphlets they risk using out of date information.
As HLM said, try and get an official copy.

Shame there's no downloadable one same as is done for AESP's. Would save a lot of hassle when I need to use them as a reference and can't be bothered to traipse off to the SQMS or the Trg Wing to borrow a copy.
i dont know what it is with TAMs, but people seem to like getting them, storing them on a shelf and not giving them out!!

its not as though its a gucci bit of kit.

years ago, i had to "aquire" mine despite putting in several formal requests.

I dont think that the updates are that important once you have got the latest edition, things dont change that quick.

Command kit = Tam & Mug, its all you need!! :)
theprior said:
Here, here. It's a bloody nightmare acquiring a TAM. Even when you need it to do your job!
Nonsense. It's a doddle. You need to be complaining up the CoC.

Somebody somewhere isn't doing their job

Strima: it is downloadable if you can be bothered to follow the link I posted.

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