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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by morsk, Jan 24, 2012.

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  1. I apologise if this in the wrong section, but do any of you clerk types know what paper TAMS are printed on? I need to get some to print some of my own bits, and buying it as a TAM insert is an expensive way of doing it...... Thanks!
  2. Yeah, maybe.... I saw that. Im just a tight-arrse and didnt want to pay top dollar for it! I was looking to buy a ream (I think thats the technical term) and pass it on at cost to colleagues!
  3. Good luck with that one, as far as I know waterproof paper wont take photocopier ink, printing press yes, no problem.
    Riteinthewain paper does so its one of those things. Having said that the tams paper in my link is available through the system in that it has a NSN, whether you can get it it another matter entirely
  4. Through the system you say? Very interesting.... I will go see my friendly clerk tomorrow. He didnt know what paper is was either, to be fair, but thats a good call. Thanks Polar!
  5. All "Rite in the rain" paper is absolute crap it sticks together and everything when wet. I'd recommend cutting and laminating several pieces of paper to stick in there. Maybe one big piece at the back to draw a sketch map when needed? You could even use the "TAM inserts" here:

    E-nirex - ARRSEpedia

    To make this better I would write on important headings before laminating them. This is something im doing in the future as this suffices for now:


    Also when the need comes to get rid of your notes, just use a nail varnish remover pad and the perm marker wipes off dead easily. Simple.
  6. This stuff works but it is not cheap:
    AQL4 A4 Aqualaser printable paper 250 sheets 120gsm

    It is A4, which suits photocopiers and means that you do 3 TAM pages at a time, then cut up and punch. It takes a bit of time to set up, but is good for mass production.
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  7. Nice one. That was exactly what I was looking for!
  8. Thanks for that. I have all the fabloned crib sheets I need from the last cough cough years service! It was the paper I needed, But thanks for taking the time for such a helpful and informative post. I hope it will be of use to others!
  9. TAMS uses the same size paper as Filofax 'Personal' size organisers, with the advantage that they are already punched. Cutting up A4 paper and punching the holes (and making it look good) would be a pain in the hoop.
    Look on EBay for "filofax and personal". There's a lot of regular sellers on there, ask for a bulk discount if you want a lot!

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  10. TopTip

    For what its worth, a dry wipe board marker pen, when used over the top of the 'permanent' marker mark removes it effortlessly, saves ******* about with a bottle of nail varnish remover.
  11. Nail varnish remover pads. Only take up a small space and they last ages.

  12. ...............for those in touch with their feminine sides :)