Tam OShanter

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Accidental_discharge, Mar 8, 2009.

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  1. My boy has joined the RCCF, local det. Calgary Highlanders. Now, always having worn a beret myself, I have no idea how to prep a Tam O'Shanter so that he does not look like a Mong. Would appreciate any advice from our porridge guzzling brethren.
  2. i nicked one, of the KOSBies, when i was in batus. Dont ask why, it was a section comp type thing, nicking stuff of the infantry.

    It looked to me like it had been ironed. I stand to be corrected though.
  3. We did used to press them. We were scousers though so we might have got it wrong. Ask Old_Yin.
  4. No coal miners bonnet like 2 scots or those highland gentlemen from the North East.

    At the rear iron the stitching/crease until it looks like a T
    Cap badge side iron top until distinctive shape is formed
    Front should be ironed flat so you get a diagonal crease running away from the cap badge.

    You can safety pin your tourie and right hand side of top into the side.

    Most TOS these day are of the pork pie style as seen on the right below.

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  5. 10 points if you can name where the picture was taken
  6. Shepperton Studios

    The residents of the castle withdrew their support, so apart from the esplanade, the interior courtyards were studio sets.
  7. was it really? they got the paint on the walls right then
  8. Much better item of headgear than a beret. Wish I'd managed to keep mine. Didn't seem very important at the time but I'd like it now.
  9. All SCOTS TOSs' are down to the side (Battle bonnet style) but not like Rob Roy, you dont want any aircraft trying to land. Prep the same as a beret, soak hot/cold shape etc...

    Hope this helps, from a Black Watch soldier. :wink: