TAM,BDCT Aid Memoire

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by MuddyMettle, May 15, 2007.

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  1. Hi All,

    Could someone let me know where I could order these Aid memoires from?

    We are a TA unit and I have been tasked to order them.

    Thank you
  2. The new updated BCD Aide Memoire
    Version 5 Apr 2007 Aide Memoire has now been produced all Version 4 Aide Memoires should be destroyed once version 5 has been ordered by Training Wings within Units. The information required if you want the BCD Aide Memoire AC 71638 Apr 07.
    (Full Unit Address, your contact details including contact phone number, your UIN (MOST IMPORTANT) Quantity (they come in boxes of 100). And are they required for Training or Operations, put this all onto a fax addressed to BCDT Team Leader and fax it to 9380-65338 or 02392-765338.

    All from :

  3. Hi Me,

    Thanks for that.

    Please check you PM

  4. You'd think they'd put it into the same format as the rest so only the ammendments need printed,saying that thoug I've had a look at the latest care of Armynet & it's a total reprint, thats how many in the last two years 3?

    We still have to supply temporary issues to the recruits of bothe this one & the CBRN oneas units don't seem tobe able to get of their collective ARRSEs to demand & isssue them. MMs unit the exception (TA or reg?)
  5. Hi FFbox,

    Check you PM

  6. I'm actually looking for the BCD book myself but obviously I only need one copy, we only got issued a black & white copy and all the lettering has faded on mine.

    Does anyone know what the chances are of being able to get hold of a colour copy?