Talonsofts Western Front Game

I have an old copy of this game that runs on Windows 98.

Since I got a new computer I cannot play it due to the incompatibility of the system to recognise the game.

Does anyone know of a patch that make this game run on XP?
Have you tried "Compatibilty mode" in the properties sheet?

Run this program in compatibilty mode for .....
Have you tried the standard Windows compatibility settings ?

MS Link

If that doesn't work then you're on your own.

(Well, that's not strictly true. I have some old Windows 95 games that don't run on XP despite the compatibility settings, but they do run under WINE on my Ubuntu box. But setting your XP box up as dual boot just for a game is probably a step too far.)
To expand on my first answer - Right click on the shortcut to the game, click on Properties - click on the Compatibilty tab - Tick the box on Compatibilty mode and change the dropdown box to Windows 98.

Start the game from the shortcut.

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