Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by whitenoise, Apr 11, 2005.

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  1. Can anyone help me, would be of great help if anyone can provide me with some information on Talon. We were using 30 Pigs 501 however moved on to Talon now, i have not a clue about, it could do with a heads up on it if possible!
  2. Get on the course down BAE is the best advice. I worked TALON on Telic wih 30 pigs. Great bit of kit but unfortunatly that was 2 years ago and i've forgot it all.

    Oh and you can use the 2 laptops that control it as DVD players :D
  3. Nice one Bully

    However im the end user of the feed, only really need general background to the system thats all.
  4. Find a mate at 30-blah and ask him to photocopy the Talon extracts from the 30 Sig Regt Det Comd Aide Memoire. Job done.
  5. Roger that PD nice one!
  6. Also speak to G6 HQ ARRC - SO2 Dev Man - they did a study paper on the relationship between TALON, BOWMAN & FALCON, the paper gives a very good background on how as an END user it all fits together
  7. Again nice one GP3 i work in G2 in the Big House so ill enquire tomorrow, many thanks.
  8. If you get no joy there!!! Speak to G3 Ops SO2 Digitisation his predecessor had a copy - also if my old folder is still active look in there :p